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Home » News » Assault at DaLinda Sates Pool in Greenwood

Assault at DaLinda Sates Pool in Greenwood

Assault at DaLinda Sates Pool in Greenwood

June 8, 2012

Charles H. Bisignano, IV
Photo courtesy Greenwood PD

By Chief Robert Leslie,

Greenwood Police Department

All persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law

On or about 6-3-12 at approximately 1708 hrs., officers were dispatched to the area of 18th Circle North and Curtis Drive, Greenwood, MO  in regards to a disturbance in progress.  Officers arrived to the incident scene and obtained information from the witnesses and an adult victim about an assault that was allegedly committed by Mr. Nicholas C. Bisignano (18 years of age) and Mr. Charles H. Bisignano (45 years of age).
The reported allegations were that Mr. Nicholas C. Bisignano and the victim had an argument at the DaLinda Sates pool due to outstanding homeowner association dues which would not allow Mr. Nicholas Bisignano to use to the pool if they were unpaid.  Mr. Nicholas Bisignano left the pool and returned to the area with his father, Mr. Charles H. Bisignano, IV.  Mr. Charles H. Bisignano, IV allegedly yelled and then punched the victim in the face which knocked the victim to the ground.  Furthermore,  the allegations are that while the victim was on the ground Mr. Charles H. Bisignano put the victim into a headlock and Mr. Nicholas C. Bisignano  kicked the victim in the ribs and asked Mr. Charles C. Bisignano, IV if he should keep kicking the victim.
Ambulance personnel were summoned to the scene for the victim.  First aid was administered by the ambulance personnel and the victim was not transported by ambulance for further medical treatment. 

Officers arrested Mr. Nicholas C. Bisignano for trespassing and assault along with Mr. Charles H. Bisignano, IV for assault.  They were able to post bond on the aforementioned charges and have court appearance scheduled for 07-03-2012 at 06:00 p.m.

Thank you to everyone for their cooperation in regards to the investigation of this incident.

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  1. Holly says:
    June 8th, 2012 at 16:35
    I live there and witnessed the incident which started with two neighbors who are on the board were yelling and cursing at kids. The 18 year old, his younger sister, there two young cousins and my children who were playing ages 5 and 10. This story is very one sided and does not mention it started with verbal assault and intimidation to kids. Outstanding dues or concerns should have not been directed to the kids but father the adult parents. Also the "victim" was witnessed slapping the glasses off of the man arrested before being "assaulted". Further the other board members which were NOT present until after the incident claimed to be witnesses. This family has been repeatedly harassed by these power hungry board members.
  2. Bob says:
    June 8th, 2012 at 16:42
    Way to set an example for your kid,....hope the judge makes an example out of them both.

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