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City Of Greenwood Appoints A New Parks And Recreation Member At Board Of Alderman Meeting

August 16, 2014 

By Carlee Edwards

The City of Greenwood held their monthly Board of Alderman Meeting Tuesday evening, August 12th, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. in Greenwood City Hall. 

Mayor Marvin Megee called the meeting to order, and after the pledge of allegiance and roll call, the board approved the agenda and moved into the ordinances presented to them for the meeting. 

The first ordinances called for an amendment to the City Code pertaining to the Park and Recreation Board that would allow non-residents to become members of the Board but would limit them from making up the majority of the Board at any time.

Alderman Kerry Fulton immediately expressed his concern over the ordinance.

“Why?” Fulton asked. “Why would we want up to three of the seven members to be non-residents?”

“The Mayor appoints the board members, so there’s our first line of control,” Mayor Megee said. “It allows a Greenwood business owner to be a part of the board.”

“But there’s no requirement for them to have any affiliation with Greenwood,” Fulton retorted. “They don’t have to be a business owner, they don’t have to work in the city, they don’t have to have ties of any kind to be on our Board.”

Mayor Megee calmly asked for Alderman Fulton’s support and the board voted unanimously for the passage of this ordinance.  

The second ordinance asked for an increase from $2 to $4 taken from the city’s revenue from tickets that come through the court to be given for shelters of victims of domestic violence. This change comes from a law that was passed by the Missouri House and Senate and signed off by Governor Nixon this year.

“This has no impact on our residents or their tax dollars,” Mayor Megee said. This change will be in effect starting August 28, 2014.

The Board then moved onto approving several resolutions. Authorization was given for the purchase of a 40 inch flail mower attachment for the compact excavator. The Board also approved the adoption of the City of Greenwood Accounting Department Procedure Manual, and a new member was approved to sit on the Park and Recreation Board, Diana Williams who is a Greenwood business owner but a resident of Pleasant Hill, MO.

Along with these resolutions, it was discussed that a new Social Media Policy for the City was is in development but not yet ready for release. $36,050 in additional funds was allocated to fix the pavement overly on Brent Lane for water drainage purposes. 

In Department reports, the Park and Recreation Board announced some of the coming attractions for the Fall Festival taking place on October 11th and their plans to repair the Ball Fields while they’re not in use this fall. 

Public works discussed some planed road work for the future and updates on current projects. The sewer renovation project at the Pleasant Hill Treatment plant is complete and work on the interceptor line from Lake Winnebago, a project which is a year behind schedule due to issues with the contractor, is now 23% completed.

The meeting adjourned with plans for an ordinance about the repairs of the Baseball fields to be brought before the Board of Alderman in two weeks time.

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