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Home » News » Greenwood,MO » City Of Greenwood Mayoral Candidate Scott Hogsett

City Of Greenwood Mayoral Candidate Scott Hogsett

City Of Greenwood Mayoral Candidate Scott Hogsett

April 5, 2014

Scott Hogsett is running for Mayor of Greenwood, MO.

He is married to Melissa and has one step-daughter, Ellie. Hogsett has lived in Greenwood for 4-1/2 years.

He is involved with the Greenwood Parks & Rec at events and with their online and social media presence. He also donates his time to help the Law Enforcement Torch Run, Special Olympics, and Hotrods for Hospice which benefits Kansas City Hospice & Palliative Care.

Hogsett received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Rockhurst University.

He summarizes his experience by saying, "I was hired by Radio Shack at age 16 and worked there through high school and college (1999-2006). It gave me real world experience helping people fix problems. Half of the customers that walked through the door were there because they had a problem and needed guidance. I continue to help people today in my current position and have also gained experience in updating webpages, social media, and administrative tasks such as marketing and accounting,"

Hogsett is currently employed at Santa Fe Auto Sound.


1 If elected, what would be your top priority? Our communication and transparency is atrocious. I would turn our city website into a communication hub and make agendas, minutes, the city code, and the budget available to everyone online. This will set a foundation of truth and trust from city hall. In addition to the website, we need to develop a culture of informing the community. The Hamblin Road bridge project should have had better communication from the start to avoid frustration from residents.



2 How would you encourage more citizens to get involved in the Greenwood community? Constant communication is the key to having an active community. Today residents simply do not know of the opportunities to be involved. Our parks board is always looking for volunteers to help grow the program. People may not always realize that they do not have to commit the time to be a full board member, but can help out at a festival or with sports. Freedom Festival is approaching soon and volunteers are always needed.


3 How would you generate tax revenues? The abundance of two-income households places Greenwood in an awkward demographic for some retail stores. We must step back and re-focus on growing our population. We must plan for commercial areas before businesses arrive. Once our population expands enough to change our demographics, businesses will be reluctant to hold out any longer. When they see an opportunity to make money, they will come to where the people are. The Raintree area is experiencing this now.


4 Before spending additional money on a new City Hall and Police Department building, would you consider holding a Town Hall meeting and ask residents what they want? I would absolutely hold a town hall meeting. I love the idea of getting residents involved on big decisions that impact everyone. When the Board of Alderman can be presented with the voices and ideas of a larger group of people, they can come together to make informed decisions. I think there is an understanding that our current building is lacking and a growing assembly of residents support a multiuse building that includes a community center.


5 What is your most "out of the box" idea for the Greenwood community? There are currently properties for sale along M-150 throughout Greenwood. I would seriously consider purchasing some of this land to develop a commercial area to incentivize potential businesses looking for prime real estate. Land purchases of this nature should be discussed by the planning and zoning committee and Board of Alderman. The price would also have to be reasonable. The land at M-150 and Doc Henry could be a great commercial area.



6 How would you attract more industry to Greenwood? With an empty building that once housed a drywall company, we have the potential to bring in some limited industry immediately. While industry would create a number of local jobs, I believe our focus should remain on promoting retail and commercial business growth in Greenwood. The sales tax revenue has been in a downward trend over the last three years. If residents had the opportunity to shop local, they would boost our economy.


7 What is your personal moral code and how does it drive your political agenda? Going through nineteen years of Catholic school instills values that remain with you for your entire life. I bring honesty and integrity into my personal agenda. I have witnessed my opponent interjecting himself into my campaign with half truths or slanted versions of an explanation. I have always asked for the whole truth. As a resident, I feel like I am being misled by some statements. I will provide nothing less than the whole truth.

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  1. Gene W. DeVaux says:
    April 7th, 2014 at 01:47
    Scott would be a welcome breath of fresh air in Greenwood. Our current mayor has not been open with the public and has tried to stifle information leaving city hall.
    Tonight, I found that Marvin Megee had posted his campaign ad on my Facebook page. I did not give permission and he knows I want him out of office. We need reliable leadership who will pass out favors for votes. We need someone who will work with our police officers and not try to intimidate them. During his four years in office, three police chiefs have been fired and one police sergeant. If our police are under that kind of threat from our mayor, how can they do the job that is necessary to protect our community?

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