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Home » News » Greenwood,MO » Greenwood Board Of Aldermen Sarah Hardin

Greenwood Board Of Aldermen Sarah Hardin

Greenwood Board Of Aldermen Sarah Hardin

April 5, 2014

Sarah Hardin is running to represent Ward II on the Greenwood Board of Aldermen.

Hardin has one child and has lived in Greenwood for eight years.

She earned a BSBA in Accounting and is a Senior Accountant at Missouri Bank.


1 If elected, what would be your top priority? Establishing better communication between the residents and the city. I have worked on this since I was first appointed to the board in 2011 and want to continue. We have made great strides, and I believe we are headed in the right direction with getting ready to start up Constant Contact.


2 How would you encourage more citizens to get involved in the Greenwood community? First and foremost I would suggest joining or volunteering for events to help the Park Board. There are so many fun activities they play a role in which would be great for families to get themselves involved. I would also encourage attending a board meeting at least once a month. That would also help with keeping themselves informed.


3 How would you generate tax revenues? The only way I see currently generating more tax revenue would be to bring in more business which is also a goal I have for Greenwood.


4 Before spending additional money on a new City Hall and Police Department building, would you consider holding a Town Hall meeting and ask residents what they want? Absolutely! I think this is one of the best ideas that have ever come about. I would like to see the board have more town hall meetings. I think it encourages a tighter bond between the city and residents and gives the citizens a chance to be heard loud and clear.


5 What is your most "out of the box" idea for the Greenwood community? I would have to say I donít have any "out of the box" ideas for Greenwood at this time. I believe Greenwood is a community capable of doing anything.


6 How would you attract more industry to Greenwood? First I think we need to find an area that works. There isnít much commercial area. I think once that is decided, we approach business and begin discussion on bringing them and their industry to our town.


7 What is your personal moral code and how does it drive your political agenda? Personally I believe in being honest and true. Honesty is, in my opinion, the best foundation to start building on with everything. If people donít feel like they can trust you, then you wonít ever get anywhere. I have always enjoyed helping others and being able to make a difference in someoneís day. I believe these things will drive my political agenda in that it is all about the people of Greenwood, and with honesty and giving, how could it not go in the right direction.

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