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Home » News » Jacob Turk is campaigning for U.S. Representative

Jacob Turk is campaigning for U.S. Representative

Jacob Turk is campaigning for U.S. Representative

August 2, 2014

Carlee Edwards

Jacob Turk is campaigning for U.S. Representative again, and cites the 2014 election cycle as the ideal year to finish the job of unseating Emanuel Cleaver.

With the Democratic presidency being in its second term, predictions are for Republicans to overtake the election with Democrats having even worse voter turn out than in 2010.

With this timing advantage, Turk's rapidly growing name recognition just might work to his favor this year.

As a father, grandfather, small business owner and Marine Veteran, Jacob Turk stands up for integrity, the military and small businesses. He and his family have lived in the same home in Lee’s Summit for over 32 years. Mr. Turk says he is devoted to the ideals of “We the People” that this country was founded on, and as a Marine he swore to defend the U. S. Constitution from enemies both domestic and abroad.

“With long-time, powerful political incumbents running things to their personal advantage, we citizens are not allowed to participate in our government anymore,” Turk explained. “People feel like spectators on the side line.”

This idea fuels Turk's desire to bring integrity back into the halls of Congress.

“People are looking for a leader who will have their best interest at heart and not their own personal agenda,” Turk explained. “People are tired of their representatives not carrying through on what they’re supposed to do. Instead of being responsive to the people they simply make deals among themselves at the expense of the people. We the people want elected representatives who will do the right thing.”
Along with integrity, Turk also campaigns for military and veterans rights.

With less than 20 percent of Representatives in Congress having served in the military, Turk feels the military needs more voices in DC. Turk cites the problems with the VA as well as multiple deployments which are driving more suicide and divorces as two key issues he is eager to tackle if elected.

“We need to treat our military men and woman and veterans as human beings, with dignity,” Turk said.

“They need someone in Congress to defend them, sometimes from Congress itself, and as a Marine veteran myself I will work to ensure they get the respect and care they've earned.”

“With Congress limiting the numbers of men and woman in uniform, the troops available are forced to go back into combat more frequently with shorter breaks in between. These multiple deployments lead to greater risk and increased diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). “

“Our men and women in the military are stepping up to protect us. They deserve our respect, not neglect or ridicule” Turk said.

Turk’s career as a small business owner gives him a strong perspective when it comes to the defense of small businesses.

“The Government bails out the big businesses, but over regulates the mom and pop shops,” Turk explained. “One of my goals is to get big government regulation off the backs of small businesses.”
Some of this burdensome regulation comes from the Affordable HealthCare Act (aka “Obamacare”).

Turk's opponent, Emanuel Cleaver, voted for it and still defends it now. Turk has visited with hundreds of small business owners throughout the 5th Congressional district who say they are over taxed, over regulated by the EPA, OSHA, DOL and most recently Obamacare. Many say they are not able to hire more people because of the new regulations from Obamacare. 

Integrity, the military and small businesses shape the goals of Jacob Turk’s campaign.

“These are three things that people care about that I care about,” Turk said, and he hopes to bring these goals to fruition in Washington D.C. 

The primary election is Tuesday, August 5th. Turk faces three challengers for the Republican nomination and Emanuel Cleaver faces four challengers for the Democratic nomination.

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