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“Kill List” Goes Viral One Month After It’s Initial Discovery

“Kill List” Goes Viral One Month After It’s Initial Discovery

January 12, 2013

By Jessica Root

Intern Reporter for the Tribune

To promote organization in the LSR7 School District, planners are issued to each individual student beginning in first grade. These simple spiral compilations consist of the student handbook, monthly and daily calendars, and for middle school and high school students, tardy records and hall passes. A student’s planner was never intended to be the medium for a “kill list.”

According to the Redacted Incident/Offense Report, at about 4:30 p.m. on Friday, December 7, 2012 (jarringly close to the tragic Sandy Hook School Shooting), a student at LSN discovered an unattended planner in the hallway. In attempt to find the name of the owner, the student flipped through the planner’s pages. Unfortunately, he stumbled across a list of names, none of which belonged to the owner.

Also according to the Redacted Incident/Offense Report, this list, specifically titled “kill list” and laced with the word “die,” consisted of five female names accompanied by doodles of a gun and a knife. Clearly shocked, the student who crossed paths with this planner proceeded to turn it into LSN staff members who then notified School Resource Officer Roger Bowers.

As stated in the Redacted Incident/Offense Report, Officer Bowers and LSN’s administration began their investigation into the origins of the “kill list” immediately after it was brought to their attention. The Initial Report, part of the Redacted Incident/Offense Report, filed by Officer Bowers was dated Saturday, December 8, 2012, the day after “kill list” was reported.

According to the Redacted Incident/Offense Report, Officer Bowers observed a girl’s class schedule in the back plastic pocket of the planner, thus indicating the owner of the planner. This, however, didn’t mean case closed.

The Redacted Incident/Offense Report stated that Officer Bowers contacted Assistant Principal Dr. Rexanne Hill, who then contacted the female owner of the planner by phone over the weekend. Also according to the Redacted Incident/Offense Report, the girl stated that she loaned her planner to a male student at LSN. Hill also scheduled a meeting with the girl and her parents for Monday, December 10, 2012.

With the newfound information, Officer Bowers, according to the Redacted Incident/Offense Report, checked school registration for the name of the boy and discovered that he had recently dropped from attendance at LSN. With that suspicious fact, the “kill list” had become more than just a single serious issue facing LSN.

The Redacted Incident/Offense Report stated that Officer Bowers informed LSPD Sergeant Mike Childs that a report would be taken and he would be contacting the male suspect first thing Monday, December 10, 2012.

According to the Redacted Incident/Offense Report, Officer Bowers, upon further investigation, uncovered the whereabouts of the 17-year-old male suspect in an out-of-state school district. The investigation has confirmed that he is enrolled in the out-of-state district, and attempts to contact him have been made but LSPD has yet to speak with him.

As if the situation isn’t alarming enough, the parents of the students on the “kill list” were not contacted in regards to the incident immediately; however, the Redacted Incident/Offense Report says nothing about the exact time the parents were contacted.

According to the Communications Executive Director of LSR7 Janice Phelan, students mentioned in the “kill list” were interviewed individually when they returned to school on Monday, December 10, 2012, and parents were notified individually following discussions with each student.

Angry with the school district for waiting a week to contact her, a distraught mother of a student on the “kill list” contacted 41 Action News who then became the first news station to air the “kill list” story on Friday, January 4.

The mother claimed her daughter was afraid to return to school on Friday, January 4 after going to school Thursday, January 3, the first day of second semester. Why wasn’t this student afraid to be at school during the week of December 10-14 or December 17-21? Nearly a month passed before the “kill list” was made public.

Holes in the story are gaping and specifics are being withheld by LSPD and LSR7. Consequently, concerned parents throughout Lee’s Summit are expressing their opinions. Why weren’t we made aware of this sooner? Are my children really safe at school? What is being done to stop something like this from happening again? Why are we just now hearing about the “kill list”?

According to the Redacted Incident/Offense Report, LSR7 and LSPD are working together to complete the investigation.

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