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Home » News » Lake Lotawana, MO » Lake Lotawana Board Of Aldermen David A Tillema MD

Lake Lotawana Board Of Aldermen David A Tillema MD

Lake Lotawana Board Of Aldermen David A Tillema MD

April 5, 2014

David A Tillema MD is running to represent Ward III on the Lake Lotawana Board of Aldermen.

He is married to Alverda and has three children all of whom are Lake residents. Tillema has lived at Lake Lotawana for 33 years.

He received his MD Degree: University of Illinois Medical School and did his Orthopaedic Residency at Indiana University.

Tillema has been Flight Surgeon USAF, Orthopaedic Surgeon Rockhill Orthopaedics, Retired and Past and present participation in many Lotawana activities and organizations


1 If elected, what will be your top priority? My initial priority will be to help the board of Alderman (BoA) develop a culture of working together with cohesive team work between the BoA, the Mayor, and the City Administrator. Following this initial phase, the BoA can then focus on long term City problems that it is facing.


2 How will you communicate with your Ward? I am retired and I am available. My home phone, 816 578-4335 and my email is drtillema@aol.com. The Mayor has a regular column in the Lotawana News and an Alderman’s column and regular and timely publishing of the minutes deserves future consideration. The work session of the BoA, first Tuesday of the month and the regular BoA meeting, the third Tuesday are all open to the public and well worth attending.



3 What do you feel your obligations are as an Alderman? I will listen to the residents of Ward 3 and of the entire City to assure proper direction and preservation of the values that we have at Lake Lotawana.



4 How will you ensure transparency and end the corruption Lotawana is infamous for? Corruption in politics is illegal and if the Lee’s Summit Tribune has knowledge of any corruption in our City, they have a moral responsibility and obligation to report this to the proper authorities. If there is no proof or documentation of corruption, the Tribune is doing a disservice to our community and to their own credibility by referring to "corruption Lotawana is infamous for."


5 As an Alderman are you willing to lessen your power and give such broad powers to a city administrator? Running a city is a full time job and we are now fortunate to have a full time City Administrator. The Aldermen are currently in the process of approving a job description for the City Administrator which outlines his/her responsibilities and duties. This will then allow a healthy working relationship with both the Mayor and BoA. By allowing the City Administrator to do his/her job, the BoA can then concentrate on the long term challenges which we face.


6 Do you feel the City Administrator should have the power to spend tax payer’s money without the board approval? I approve of the job description that is up for final approval by the BoA which states; "The City Administrator shall be the Purchasing Agent for the City and is authorized to make such purchases in accordance with the Purchasing Policy of the City."


7 Is a Mill Levy in our near future? Due to good financial management by our City, there appears to be no need for an increase in the mill levy.


8 What is your opinion on legalizing state wide marijuana and medical marijuana? The use of marijuana is under federal and state jurisdictions and is not a Board of Alderman issue. For the record, I oppose legalization of marijuana.



9 What is your personal moral code and how does it drive your political agenda? I believe in Judeo-Christian values and hope my actions and behavior during my 33 years living at Lake Lotawana reflect those values. I entered into this campaign for the Board of Alderman with this same moral code and have no personal vendetta or goal other than do my part in making Lake Lotawana a better place to live and raise our children and grandchildren.

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