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Home » News » Lake Lotawana, MO » Lake Lotawana Board Of Aldermen Debbie Wagner

Lake Lotawana Board Of Aldermen Debbie Wagner

Lake Lotawana Board Of Aldermen Debbie Wagner

April 5, 2014

Debbie Wagner is running to represent Ward II on the Lake Lotawana Board of Aldermen.

She is married to Steve and is a life long resident of Lake Lotawana.

Wagner is involved with Community Club, President and Garden Club, Secretary.

She is a college graduate with experience in private investigation. She is currently retired.


1 If elected, what will be your top priority? If elected my top priority would be to provide facts about current issues to all my constituents, poll them about their concerns and opinions and take this information to Alderman Meetings. I want to restore two Alderman representation to all of Ward II. Chris Jackson was appointed to fill an abrupt vacancy. Through a few discussions with Mr. Jackson I learned that he was a fine person and we have some views that are consistent, but he admits to mainly desiring to serve his fellow neighbors in the Foxberry subdivision. This is only a very small percentage of the residents of Ward II. I pledge that I will fairly and equally represent all citizens of Ward II, both at the Lake proper and in all annexed areas.


2 How will you communicate with your Ward? I plan to communicate to all who wish to be kept informed by using a web site and provide other access to those who do not have use of a computer. Our citizens have not had easy access to public information to help make good decisions and keep well informed. We do not need to wear our citizens out attending every public meeting: instead we need to keep them informed so they can make personal decisions about which meetings are of interest to them. They also could express their feelings from the comfort of their own homes via a public website about current issues so that I might carry these thoughts to our city government.



3 What do you feel your obligations are as an Alderman? It is an obligation of our Aldermen to regularly attend city meetings and to keep themselves informed by obtaining facts about issues and sticking to those facts. Aldermen should exercise constant vigilance over the city’s financial state and demand clear and comprehensible financial statements for review. Aldermen should always act in a responsible, ethical, moral and legal manor as representatives of our citizens. Aldermen should never engage in any activity that covers up illegal activities within our city government and they should never interfere in any way with our law enforcement officers and our Chief of Police.


4 How will you ensure transparency and end the corruption Lotawana is infamous for? Besides providing a web site with information that is before the Board as stated above, I will ensure that the Board and the City obeys Missouri state statues and its own ordinances. We may take that for granted, but that is not always the case. I will hold my fellow Board members to the legal and correct use of Executive Session which has been abused in the past. Within the few very specific exceptions, everything should occur in public.


5 As an Alderman are you willing to lessen your power and give such broad powers to a city administrator? Our new City Administrator has a tough job ahead of her. She comes to us with only a few years actual experience and stepped into a situation of poorly kept and missing city records especially in Building and Codes, a lack of policy and procedure manuals, and poor accountability for city employees. I feel strongly that only a senior, tenured city administrator could get by in this job without a lot of oversight. We cannot afford any more "missteps". We must make every decision a well-researched and thought out decision with the City’s needs and budget in mind. We must remember that the citizen’s chosen representatives are the Aldermen.


6 Do you feel the City Administrator should have the power to spend tax payer’s money without the board approval? Once our current City Administrator has had time to get familiar with the city’s history, problems, and unique needs and has had time to work on some of our basic internal needs (like recordkeeping, employee accountability, etc.) then there could be a progression to more independent decision making for our city’s needs. Our City Administrator has enough to tackle at present that it would serve the city best for our Aldermen to decide what areas they need to take more responsibility for and use their experience to protect our city’s welfare and finances.


7 Is a Mill Levy in our near future? Since there are some at City Hall already talking about a Mill Levy it is of utmost importance that the public be included in those thought processes. The Aldermen should take the lead in being informed about the possibilities of a Levy being needed, take steps to control costs to prevent one if possible, and see that citizens are informed by their City about impending needs and expenditures.


8 What is your opinion on legalizing state wide marijuana and medical marijuana? I like many others are looking to the State of Colorado for evolving statistics on their recent changes. It is not as rosy a picture as it was pitched. For me personally however, I do not believe that marijuana should be legalized, period. As for medical marijuana, there are already available cannabis plant compounds that can be obtained for those genuinely in need.


9 What is your personal moral code and how does it drive your political agenda? My personal moral and ethical standards play a key role in running for Alderwoman. I do not see myself as judging my constituents or holding them to any certain standard, but certainly I will hold those serving in elected, appointed and hired positions in our city government to the highest standards of honesty, fiscal responsibility, ethical behavior and common decent, fair and kind treatment of those they work with and those they serve, values that should be easily understood.

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