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Lotawana Man Charged in Jackson County Rape Pleads Guilty

Lotawana Man Charged in Jackson County Rape Pleads Guilty

March 1, 2014

 Cody James Everhart

By Stephen Wagner

On the morning of Friday, February 28th, Cody James Everhart formerly of Lake Lotawana plead guilty to a single count of 1st Degree Statutory Sodomy in the sexual assault of a 13 year old Jackson County teenager.

The attack occurred in an unincorporated section of Jackson County adjacent to the Lake Lotawana city line in August of 2013.

Everhart, in a plea agreement, plead to the statutory sodomy and the dismissal of the other outstanding charges, forcible rape and statutory rape.

In the plea agreement, Everhart will be spending the next twelve years with the Missouri Department of Corrections.  The location of his confinement has not been released yet.

The incident captured public attention for more than just a heinous attack on a 13 year old child.  Everhart, age 22 at the time, texted the childs mother after the attack to apologize. Court records state that he texted  

Omg im so sorry...it was the biggest mistake IV ever made plz Im sorry plz dont call the cops.... Ihave kids...plz I will do whatever u want Im so sorry. He then followed with another text: Plz call me mam Im so scared right now I feel like my whole world is gona crash dwon on me...  

He was arrested the day of the attack, and it would appear that he had in fact brought his world down around himself.

Hopefully, the child and her family can eventually rebuild their lives with the consolation that some justice was meted out. 

[Reporters note: Information continues to incorrectly infer that the attack occurred in Lake Lotawana.  The case was handled by the Jackson County Sheriff Department because of the location of the attack.  The text above is correct and not a typo.]

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  1. Dawn Oswalt says:
    April 15th, 2014 at 04:15
    Considering the fact that her mother has not given her the help that she needs to recover from such a traumatic rape, the minor has become a cutter and has tried to commit suicide numerous times. As her step-mother, there is no rebuilding. He should be under the damn ground and her mother should be locked up right beside him for neglecting to get the child the help she needed instead of giving the press and the police open invitation to those texts. All the press has done has caused extreme humiliation and more trauma for my step-daughter. Shame on you Jackson County for letting this child fall through cracks of your Child Protection Laws!!! Shame on all of you for not thinking of the child and actually not pursuing help that this baby needs. What justice has been served? He took a plea because he would have gotten life. Shame on all of you! Why don't you do a report on her mother and maybe this could all have been prevented!

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