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Running to represent the 5th district of Missouri in Congress, Conservative Bill Lindsey

Running to represent the 5th district of Missouri in Congress, Conservative Bill Lindsey

August 2, 2014

Carlee Edwards

Running to represent the 5th district of Missouri in Congress, Conservative Bill Lindsey stands up for several issues such as the future of farming and small businesses, veterans’ rights, foreign policy, Immigration, and the issues with the Affordable Health Care Act.

Lindsey has been a resident of Lee's Summit for 17 years, and has worked as a teacher for 13 years at Lee A. Tolbert Community Academy in Kansas City, Mo teaching computer skills and coaching debate. Along with a career in teaching, Lindsey is also a Military Veteran of the National Guard, an active member of Corner Stone Church in Blue Springs, Mo, and has traveled to multiple countries such as China, France, England, and Mexico for both missions and business purposes.

"I want to represent the 5th district in a way that all the people of the 5th district are represented in a fair way," Lindsey said of his Congressional goals.

He plans to go to Washington D.C. with moral courage and has prepared plans which will ultimately lead to change.

"Being prepared means writing scripts of legislation to take to Washington D.C. now and that's what we're doing," Lindsey said.

He speaks very strongly of farming and manufacturing, and using our local resources to provide and create new opportunities for people.  Lindsey feels that Missouri should research how to bring in more farmers and manufacturing to create more jobs and economic growth within the state.

"The future in farming is that it creates more jobs, which is more money flow in the economy and more exports," Lindsey said. "We need to use our technology, our people, and our resources."

Lindsey aims to help veterans by pushing for a restructure of the system to meet the needs of our veterans and provide services in a more timely manner. He also feels that Congress should have a more active role in foreign policy.

In dealing with the Affordable Health Care Act, Lindsey firmly believes that the funding for the current plan is impossible and that the plan does not truly help those who need it.

"We need to replace that plan with a plan that truly intends to help the uninsured," Lindsey said.  He feels that a new plan should be formed to show where the funding is coming from and how it is going to help the uninsured as opposed to the already insured. Those who have insurance already should not be forced to take on different insurance while those who do not have insurance remain uninsured.

Lindsey also stands on the belief that the United States borders should be more secured. With an already dangerous situation around the borders becoming more dangerous, the drug cartels can more easily get into the country and undocumented immigrants from South American countries are not easily returned.

"The countries should formulate a plan with us to take their people back or we should cut off their foreign aid," Lindsey said. "Undocumented people are receiving public assistance and this needs to stop or we should find a way to have them contribute if they stay."

Above all of these goals however, Bill Lindsey longs to bring back the 'American Family.' He wants to see families spending more time together, participating in outdoor activities and community activities and maintaining conservative values.

"I want to us to get back to where we're all a community instead of individuals," Lindsey said. He intends to be a humble leader with the moral courage to stand up for what he believes despite the opposition. He seeks your vote and support in the primary election Tuesday, August 5.

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