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Santa Letters From Fifth Graders in Mrs. Kevernís class at Trailridge Elementary

Santa Letters From Fifth Graders in Mrs. Kevernís class at Trailridge Elementary

December 20, 2013

Dear Santa,

I NEED PRESENTS!!!!! I have been really good! But, I have a hard time trying to get along with my brother. I want a Xbox 1 and a Wii U, and Chiefs tickets. My goals are to clean my room and get along with my family. So please give me some presents because I have been really good.


Dear Santa,

I would like to have a looming kit from Michaelís the store,I want a awesome BMX bike,I want a awesome Christmas. I would like a husky puppy and a kitten and a pitbull puppy for Christmas, because I love Christmas because I love Jesus Christ and his father GOD !!!!!!!!!!!

Sincerely, ISABELLA

Dear Santa,

I have been a goodish girl. I have made lots of goals like to get the terrific kid award and get all my c/r in. I have a goal to still believe. My wish list is to get My American girl doll bed. I also want a new hamster cage and a rainbow loom and a guinea pig and candy candy candy candy. Thank you for coming to my house last year I enjoyed my gifts and candy. Oreo did too (my hamster). So merry Christmas.

love, Amelia

Dear Santa,

I have been a good directioner this year. My goals this year were: to get better at my butterfly, freestyle, breaststroke, and backstroke, I also had getting more rebounds in basketball, write more stories, and to get better at my division. Thank You for my gifts last year and my gifts this year. (If I get any.) This year I donít really need anything since I went to the One Direction concert, that was really all I needed and more. I loved it, but if you feel like you "need" to get me something, I tell you what you could get: Midnight Memories One Directionís new album, anything One Direction basically, and a trip to Ireland.

Love,Anjelica D.

P.S. My "mom" would like One Direction

Dear St. Nicholas,

Can you please make my dream come true by making world peace. That will put a smile on my little face. Just thinking of no world peace makes me dance in my teeny feet. Please do your very best to make world peace. If there is no world peace by Christmas then there is no Christmas in this sad, sad, little world. Please make my little childhood filled with happiness & Christmas spirit. If there is no world peace then what is Christmas about? I know Christmas is about the birth of the holy spirit so it will be the perfect gift for the holy spirit. Please get me world peace in my sad, sad, little world we call a childhood. You probably canít see my sad, gloomy, little face through paper. Please change my gloomy face to a joyful, merry, happy face filled cheer for world peace.

Your hopeful friend, Sammy L

Dear Santa,

Thank you for the amazing remote controlled hallo fourwheeler and i know that you got my brother a train set just to make him happy so i just want to thank you.

Iíve been aiming on losing a ton of weight , so Im doing swimming and soccer. so if you will give me a miracle or two I would gladly appreciate it. So now that Iíve bored you with me my jibber jabber, Iíll tell you what i would like to get for christmas. #1. a chromebook #2.a galaxy s4 #3. and a merry little christmas

Sincerely, Xander

Dear, santa

I have done a lot of good things through the year. I helped out with Treys firework stand. And feed and water to my dog every day and also let her outside. Thanks for the presents from last year. They were fun even though I donít know where half of them are. This year I would like a paintball gun and skyrim the video game. Sincerely, Kanyon Y.

Dear Santa,

This is what I want for Christmas.. The first thing is Rainbow things, the second one is a visa gift card, the third one is legos, the fourth one is earrings and a jewelry holder...Wait I have 2 others one is a Michaelís gift card and the other is an american girl doll and american girl doll stuff. Also I have 3 reasons I should get presents instead of coal. The 1st one is I help with my dog, the second one is I help with my brother, and the third one is I am nice and help my family whenever they need it. Love, Reese

Dear Santa,

Thank you for all the wonderful toys you have got me in the past Christmases. I have really enjoyed them. I have been very good this year and i know it in my heart. I know that the Santa Clauses in the store are not real but I know you are. My dad and mom really had fun being Santa and Mrs. Clauses,they say that theyíre Santa helpers. Let me tell how my goals are going well, there going great because when others are not listening or not paying attention I try my best not to be distracted.

I hope your elves are working as hard as I am santa. Oh, two more things I need to tell you please make a white Christmas,but not a blizzard because you still need to see or you might crash on Christmas eve. Well,I have 3 things I really wanted for Christmas Santa: : camara : amazon gift card :Santa I know you have a really big heart so I need some help I really want all the kids in my grandma and grandpaís town called henrietta because they do not have everything we have that just tells you my grandparents donít have a lot of money but have very big hearts for everybody.

Love, Sophie

Dear Jolly Old St. Nick,

This year I would like a pet giraffe named Pablo. Also I want a military tactical Knife, bow-and-arrows, and a BB pistol. A hatchet set is also something I want .They are all sold at DICKís Sporting Goods. You can pick them up on your way to my house. Merry Christmas, Drake

Dear Santa,

I have been good and I can prove it, by listening to my to my friends blabber on about their love life or how they won the most likely to succeed in tennis award. So letís cut to the chase, all I want for Christmas is world peace and either a Xbox one or WiiU. My all time favorite gift is a reindeer like Rudolph. So in order to deliver those gifts you need to have a safe trip, no winterstoms, sleigh breakdowns, or anything else like that. MY mom, dad, and sisters have also been good too so remember to give them presents as well. P.S Tell Comet to use the bathroom before you leave. I donít want to clean up after him again! Sincerly, Sam

Dear Santa,

Iíve been mostly very good this year.( except for the times I havenít been good and you can ask my parents about that.) So, before I get to my Christmas wishlist I want to say, thank you for my Christmas presents and what Christmas means to me. Christmas is about family,love, and the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. For example, the tree stands for Jesus and the ornaments stands for us and how we are all connected to Jesus and how we are all different. The star tree topper stands for the star that the 3 wise men saw that guided them to baby Jesus when he was born. And your purpose is to get us to believe in someone like weíre supposed to believe in Jesus. (and you also give us presents!) So these are the things I want for Christmas; 1. A blue back white front iPod 5 2. A blue case for it 3. The movie SKET 4. Disney infinity for 3Ds or Xbox 5. I know this is a long shot but, my sisters that I love home. Please try to grant as many of these as you can. Iíll always believe in you!

Sincerely, Jordan

Dear Santa,

I love tech and youtube so why not a overly complicated camera that can catch any moment and is waterproof also attachable to nearly anything. Then Iíd be able to tape gaming videos and other stuff like maybe even put it on the dog and see a day through his view. Plus the price is reasonable. Itís only $200 and is the only thing I want from you (Mom and Dad) plus itís almost impossible to break so really think about that. Something thats pretty good priced, thats fun, impossible to mess up technology wise (maybe not for my Mom), and me and my friends would need a hammer to break, so thats why I want a Go Pro. My second choice for in case you donít get me the Go Pro is a 12 month Xbox live redeem card so then I can play online and kill my friends and other random people in a videogame so I never have to communicate with my friends in the real world and always be talking about my game and yes, I know Iíve not done a good job of persuasive writing but I really want a Go Pro. Finally physics and space. My third thing on my list is some physics and space books. Emily (my oldest sister) I already know you got me what I want. A big book thatís actually called UNIVERSE, so thank you for that and if you look at the date on this paper it may make you kinda dissapointed. What matters is that you got me what I wanted and Iíll be happy being boring and instead of hanging out with friends over Winter Break and Iíll read and watch YouTube videos in my room.

Sincerely and with my love of my dog in his Sweater,


Dear Santa,

I have been good and help people. I would like to get a itunes gift cards. And I would like to get some clothes from justice.I would like to get a ipod touch 5th generation. I would also like a wii u this year. .Also a touch screen laptop. Thank you also for what you got me last year. One of my goals is to get good grades. Sincerely, Imani G.

Dear Santa,

Santa Iíve been good this year. I have been working on goals in school this year. Right now I am working on basketball my goal is to tribal the ball through my legs more than once. Since you look over everyone do you think iíve been nice. If I was good I this is the three things I want . 1.Call of duty Ghost 2.Rainbow loom kit 3.Iphone 5s Jacob

Dear Santa,

First before I say anything else I want to say thank you for all my gifts you gave me last year. So now that you are already reading this I might as well say a couple things that I would love for you to give me this year! First I would LOVE an electric scooter very much they are super fast and a lot of fun any day!! Second, I would love to have new tennis shoes for school and a lot of different activities. Third, I would like new Under Armour and Nike items. Including basketball, headbands, cool sweatshirts/jackets, t shirts and pants and long basketball socks. Also before you leave i want to tell you why deserve these awesome presents, I am very helpful and nice to my family and I would to do anything to help my family!!! sincerely, Your favorite child of my family, Jillian

ps: there could be a couple of other things also that I didnít write on this letter so if you are wondering for anything else just ask my mom or dad thank you!!

Dear Santa Claus,

Santa for christmas I want a couple things, but first I want to thank you for my previous presents. Thank you for my piano and stocking stuffers from last year. Also thank you for my previous and the future for my presents. What I want for christmas isÖA jewelry box, a mirror, a chromebook, a radio, and a north face jacket(preferably black with a hood) . PRetty Please get me the things Iíve listed above!

Sincerely, Kaylee B.

Dear Santa ,

Iíve been very good this year and hereís the reasons you should drop by for me : In school Iíve fulfilled 2 of my 3 goals: I read through two of the Laura Ingalls Wilder books in one month , I been getting up earlier without a fight, and Iím nicer to my sister now. I would appreciate the whole Laura Ingalls Wilder series, An Xbox 360, and a kitten. I love all the presents youíve given me over the years. If you would not mind Iíd like $500 for charity. I hope this isnít to much to ask for. My goals were important,but if you canít make it, please give it to charity. :)

Love, Kyler

Dear Santa,

Iím working hard this year in math, science, and social studies. My goal is to get 90% or better on math assignments or test. On my last test I got 88%. In science, Iím working on getting very few correct and returns. My goal in social studies is to listen better when the teacher talks. As you can see, Iím working very hard in school. All I want for Christmas is five things. 1. A dirt bike 2. A Oregon football jersey 3. A Calvin Johnson Fat Head 4. $300 dollars 5. My "dream" present is to play for the college football team, Oregon Ducks

Sincerely, AJ

Dear Santa,

Iíve been helpful to my dad by bringing the Christmas things up. Iíve been helpful to my aunt by bringing her things in. Iíve been helpful to my mom by bringing the groceries in. Iíve been helpful to my mom for putting the Christmas ornaments on the Christmas tree. Iíve been helpful to my mom for trying my red bow tie on. I want a xbox 360, ipod, Nintendo 3ds, ipad, lego mini figures. I would appreciate it thankyou.

Dear Santa,

Please oh please donít give coal this year. I have been good. I helped my friends out if they donít know how to do something or what to do. I help out at home by picking up things that my dogs tear up. My goals to achieve gifts for Christmas is to be nicer to my brother, pick up after myself, and to not get in trouble at school. Iíve been working on my goals a lot this year and I hope that you see that too.

So, if you decide that I am working hard and deserve gifts this year, this is what I would want: duct tape and/or a fuzzy blue pillow. Sincerely, Libby K.

P.S. Thank you for your consideration for giving me gifts last year. Thank You!

Dear Santa,

I have been good this year or I think so. Thank you for the gifts from last year for my Ipad .But this year I hope for something bigger like a 60 inch t.v. . My top 5 things are 1.Ice cream maker 2.football

thank you dear david

Dear Santa Claus,

Thank you for all the presents that you got me. The goals for my life are to get better at art and math and writing . The things I want for christmas are a infinity Wii u set , a desk with draws and a lot of art stuff and did i minchin that i want all the minion stuff ? IF you can make all this stuff I WANT it please. All your elfs work. SOOOOOOOOOO .HADR

Dear Santa Claus,

This year I chose many different goals. In September, I wanted to clean my room and I did! Man, I was so proud! My awesome teacher, Mrs.Kevern, gave me a scholarship opportunity from Kiwanis TERRIFIC KIDS. I think thatís a good enough reason for presents, right? Anyway, my sweet, sugary, self couldnít eat cupcakes. I think thatís enough torcher but, I was also diagnosed with pneumonia and itís really hard for me to breathe and my body is very weak. I am still recovering. Iíve missed out on a lot of fun. So Iíve prepared a short Christmas list. I have missed out on the sweets so, Iíd like maybe some candy canes and Warheads, no biggy. I want to tell you my goal now, I want to fill everyones hearts with joy and kindness. I hope I have succeeded by now. Less than three! <3

Merry Christmas, Shelby T.

Dear Saint Nick,

Thank you for all the presents you got me. To get better at reading. I want a Xbox One. I also want Call of Duty Ghosts. Another thing I want is a Ev3 Mindstorms Robot.

Sincerely, Logan H.

Dear Santa,

I have been very nice and good this year so I think I should get at least 5 presents this year here are some of my wishes 1. a chromebook 2. a corkboard 3. desk and chair 4.air hogs atmosphere.

Dear Santa,

Thank you for coming last year. Iíve been very good this year. Iíve been good to my baby sister but its not technically being bad if you throw your sister off your back. Santa, could you please get me a Denver Broncos Manning Jersey. Merry Christmas.

From, Garrett

Dear Santa,

I would like shimmer,new pair of dress shoes,a bean bag chair,jewelry,and a timber wolf stuffed animal. I am good at doing my work at school. I make my sisters and I breakfast. It is awesome when deliver presents all over the world and you stay up late I wonít be able to stay up as late as you do.Thank you for my presents last year. Merry Christmas

Sincerely Annalisa

Dear st.nick I would like to have a PS4 for Christmas this year. I have tried to be extra good this, I have even helped my parents buy presents with my own money . I know you have to go to every house in the world in one night , and I know that is a lot of work to do in one night so it is all right if you donít get me everything I want that is all right. Some of my goals this year are to get a perfect score on my spelling tests for the rest of the year. Also, here is a list of some of the things I want this year. 1. 4 PS4,s 2. 1,000 Xbox ones 3. A trained puppy 4. A Ev3 mindstorm Lego kit 5. The self attachable bacon grill Thankyou for reading my letter and for all the gifts you got me befor. Sincerely, Jake.T

Dear Santa,

This year I have been very nice and jolly. I have been doing very generous things to other people. I have helped my teachers, my brother, and my parents. By the way, thanks for the presents you gave me last year. I have really enjoyed them.

There are a few things I would like this year. One of them is a Xbox ONE. Another one that I have been wanting(and needing) is Xbox live. I really hope I can get them.

Sincerly, Aden

Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year. Thank you for every thing that you have got me.(but i sold the 3ds you got me 2 years ago) I play trombone now! Iím pretty amazing if i say so myself :). My goal is to get to Song #60 in my band book.. My robotics team just qualified for the Kansas City regionals. I would like some things for christmas. I want the tobuscus adventures:wizards video game you can find it on pre-order at tobyturner.com around december 15th. i also want a lego education;mindstorm NXT base set. the last thing i want is tickets to Bill Cosby at the midland and harlem globetrotters at the sprint center.

Dear Santa,

I have been trying to be good this year, but my brother is being mean and then I defend myself and then I get too rough and then I end up hurting him really badly. Then I get in trouble. Thank you for coming last year but this year will you bring me a Iphone instead of candy?But thank you for bringing presents last year. Now,onto the ish list. 1.X box 360 2.PS3 3.Phone 4.Laptop 5.Candy Love, Jordan B.

Dear Santa,

I have 3 goals I want to accomplish. One is to read all 12 Mark Twain nominees, I have read 7. My next one to be nicer to my sister. it has gotten a lot better lately. My third is to catch up on my historical fiction book. I read 25 pages yesterday and Iím still going. I have been good this year. I want a Reggie Bush football jersey and some Google Play Cards. I hope the North Pole is running smoothly, Alex G.

Dear Santa,

I have been a good Maya this year, because I always turn in my work on time, and feed my dog. What I am really good at is doing my homework. And being sort of nice to my sister. So I think I should probably be on the nice list. Iíve also got a terrific kid award for completing my goals that I set for myself. So if I am on the nice list here is what I want please.

I want an ipod touch blue and green of course with puppies. I think i should get it because I might spend more time with my dog filming videos. And I also want a rainbow loom so I can make cool bracelets for me, my friends ( alana, keisha, anjelica), and for donation. Iíd love it also if you got me a really cool art set so I can halfway finish my girl scout bronze award. (f.y.i the girl scout bronze award is something you get for completing a really good act of kindness.) And I would also like a wii u , I should get the wii u because I play with my sister Gigi. And finally I would like you to use your Christmas magic and train my dog Grayson because he literally chews everything up. Whole Ďnother story for a different time.

Now hereís something Iíd really like to know if you say you canít train my do then how do you explain how you fit down such a small chimney?

From the one and only, Maya puppies/aussies H.

(P.S. thanks for the awesome presents last year!)

(P.P.S I also want a mindstorm robot so I can get better at programing.)

Dear, Santa,

I can explain. I know I kick and hit my sister, but I have goals to tell you about. Not getting in trouble with my mom or dad is a goal I sure deserve a present for. What do you think Santa? I would give it a thumbs up . I can tell you one more goal that I have been working.on. It is helping my sister with cleaning our room . Now let me tell you some of the presents I want for Christmas..1. A lot of My Little Pony. 2. New jewelry from Claireís 3. New clothes I hope you come to my house safely. I will be waiting on you, and if those presents brake, its your fault! Drive safely!

Love, Lauren


I have been pretty good this year. I have been trying to play with my little sister more often. It has been getting better. I also want to be nicer to both of my sisters. that has gotten just a little better, but iím working on it. This year I want a 3ds XL. I also want both of the pokemon games for the 3ds. I hope you have fun passing out presents for christmas!

sincerely, Alana

Dear Santa,

Thankyou for everything you got me for Christmas. I have helped clean a home for a homeless family, and I donated toilet paper to the school to give to people who donít have anything. If you will please give me a ipod touch, a dog , a box full of jewelry. Thankyou that is all. Sincerely,Tierricka

Dear Santa,

Santa for Christmas I would like a big furry lounge chair.I would also like a duffle bag from vera bradley. I would like to have a pair of ruby earrings for my mom to go with her ring, because she deserves it so much because every day she goes to work and as soon as she gets home all she does for most of the night is clean and I think my mom is the best mom you could ever have. For my last thing i want it to snow on Christmas day but not so much to where you canít leave your house. I deserve it because I have been turning in my homework and have been cooking breakfast for my family.thank for the game fibber from last year. Sincerely,Nina Shipley

Dear Santa,

I have been being good and listening to my parents and that is very hard to do when you have to listen to my parents. BORING!!!!!!! My parents are so boring but they think they are cool too. So it is super hard to live with my parents and torture 4 365 days. By the way thank you for the video games & candy last year, but this year what I want some Nike Elites and some rainbow loom bands and maybe like a Drew Brees, Wes Welker, Eric Decker, Marcus Colston, Tom Brady, Steve Smith, or Justin Houston jersey. Sincerely, Dylan W.


Thank you for all the things you have got me in the past Santa.I love the DSIXL that you got me last Year.I donít play with it a lot anymore.I am a good kid I love school.But I need to work on my handwriting and not talking out loud.FYI if you donít know what to get me I would like a Inner tube for my bike and wwe wrestle things. sincerly, jeremiah

Dear Santa Claus,

I appreciate all the gifts you deliver to me. Your elfs work so hard to make so many gifts. One of my goals are to read more. Another one is to be at basketball practice and games 20 minutes before. Some things would like for Christmas are: Despicable me stuff , a big plush minion (Like in the Justice magazine), Orbeez Luxury Spa, a new calendar for 2014, more sweat pants, and purple elites. Sincerly, Rachel P.S. I canít really think of anything else so Iíll appreciate anything else

Dear, Santa

Thankyou for bringing me skylanders giants last year. But this year can you pleeeeeeeas bring me some new adidas slides, because mine are way too small for me. The only reason I want these are because Iíve been a really good kid. In school I get very very good grades. All 3s and 100%. I hope you get this list. P.S. My shoe size is a 9 and my mom wants a really nice waffle maker. From, Amir

Dear santa,

My goal is to get good grades in all subjects. Like math I want to get over 90% on test and homework. In science over 88% on test and worksheets. Social studies about 90% on writing things and worksheets. Here are my top 3 that I want Ben Maclamore jersey Nike elite socks Kobe superheroes basketball shoes Thatís my top 3! sincerly, Landen D.

Dear Santa,

Iíve been a very good boy this year and Iíve been thinking about the presents i want. The first thing I want is football field with the chiefs that has a horty that carries everybody. The second thing I want is a car with hortys on the top of the car screaming FUS RAH DAH at other cars.The third thing I want is a airsoft gun that shoots out hotdogs .The fourth thing I want is Assassins creed Black Flag to come to this world called EARTH!!!!!! The last thing I want is a cannon that shoots out a guy named BILLY and when he is in the air he screams MY NAME ITH BILLY AND I LIKE HORTYS and he is eating jelly in the air and soon he starts screaming PEANUT BUDDER JELLY TIME PEANUT BUDDER JELLY TIME! Sincerely, Your Son Jace

Dear Santa,

Can you get me World Peace. If there is no World peace on Christmas what is Christmas about in this sad sad World?

Love, Titus Scott

P.S. Get me 100,000,000,000,000 Diamonds

Dear, Santa *what I want for christmas* *and why i should get it*

This year, by my point of view, I have been good, for a boy. I have tried not to hurt my bros but they can get on my nerves a little. I tind to get crazy when I resell with my dog, E11e. I have been doing my homework, for the most part. so I would likeÖ 1) bike. 2) nerf mega 3) spyder closes sincerely carson p.

Dear S.C.(Santa Claus),

I have been very awesome this year. I love the presents I got last year thank you. This year I would like Sonic and the Lost Word, a 3DS, and Pok`emon toys for christmas. The elf has not moved for a few days and Iím worried. I hope heís O.K.

from, Topher

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