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Representative Rebecca Roeber’s Capitol Report

Missouri House Convenes for Annual Veto Session

The members of the Missouri House of Representatives came together Wednesday afternoon to discuss the pieces of legislation that were approved by the General Assembly but vetoed by the governor. Of the handful of bills to consider, HCB 3 received all of the discussion. Members debated the merits of overriding the governor’s veto versus working together to find another funding solution to preserve in-home and nursing care for more than 8,000 disabled Missourians. 


Nicole Galloway Endorsement

The Missouri State Council of Fire Fighters is proud to announce its unanimous endorsement of Nicole Galloway for Missouri Auditor. “Her steadfast resolve to protect Missourians hard earned tax dollars and her commitment to hold both politicians and political subdivisions accountable for their actions has earned our highest endorsement,” said Missouri State Council of Fire Fighters President Sherwood Smith.

Letter to the Editor: Unfair Recall

Full disclosure: I met Chris Moreno in 2010 when he was running the Will Royster Missouri State Representative campaign. I work for a community newspaper in Kansas City and I occasionally exchange messages with Mr. Moreno.

Public service is often a thankless job and you have to have a thick skin to withstand some of the personal attacks that one endures when running for office. Councilman Chris Moreno was removed from his position after losing a recall election earlier this year. 

The Evidence of Faith’s Substance: Harvey and Irma Part 1 - What Keeps a Marriage Together

Genesis 2:24 “A man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife.”

Since 1979, the National Hurricane Center has used men’s and women’s names for tropical storms that begin in the Atlantic Ocean. We have just seen an unprecedented event: within one month, two hurricanes that have hit the United States. And the names that came up in the rotation? The Category 4 hurricane that hit Texas on August 28 was named ‘Harvey’ and has been called the worst natural disaster in Texas history. Then, on September 10, Category 4 hurricane Irma hit the Florida Keys and moved up through Florida, leaving devastation in its path. Whenever a hurricane leaves this much damage, its name is retired from the list. So this will most likely be the last time Harvey and Irma are used in tandem for hurricanes. 


Representative Rebecca Roeber’s Capitol Report September 9, 2017

House Members Set to Return for Annual Veto Session

As mandated by the Missouri Constitution, the General Assembly will meet Wednesday, September 13 to consider bills that were passed by the House and Senate but vetoed by the governor. The annual Veto Session gives legislators a final opportunity to enact their ideas into law despite the governor’s objections. In both chambers, a two-thirds vote is required to override a veto. In the House that amounts to 109 votes. Twenty-three votes are needed in the Senate to successfully complete an override motion.

Congressman Cleaver Opposed to the Rescinding of DACA

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II denounced President Trump’s decision recently to terminate the Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and reaffirms his commitment to protecting our country’s Dreamers. Today, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the administration will end DACA with a six month delay.

The Evidence of Faith’s Substance:Houston - America’s True Character debunks the White Supremacist Narrative

Philippians 2:3 “Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit. But in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself.”

Houston is America’s fourth-largest city. Its metropolitan area covers about 10,000 square miles. That’s bigger than the state of New Jersey. And Houston ranks as one of the most ethnically diverse cities in America, where over 180 different languages are spoken by people from all different nationalities, skin colors, and religions. But something much more significant has happened this past couple of weeks in Houston, as it has taken center stage in the news media. Houston has squashed the notion of racism.


The Evidence of Faith's Substance: North Korea - The Worst Place on the Planet to be a Christian

Hebrews 13:3 “Remember the prisoners as if chained with them, and those who are mistreated, since you yourselves are in the body also.”

About a week from now, the communist, atheist nation of North Korea will celebrate its 69th anniversary of its founding, which all began when the Soviet Red Army liberated northern Korea after World War II. Russia repopulated northern Korea with many of the communists who had left Korea under Japan’s rule. Only two years after North Korea’s birth they invaded the south with the backing of Red China and Russia. How was North Korea stopped? American defense of liberty. We stopped them. We turned them back.


Phil Hanson, Truman Heartland Community Foundation

In my column last month I shared some news about some of our honorees for our annual Toast to Our Towns Gala on October 14th. As I shared last month, Lee’s Summit residents and community leaders Brad and Sandy Cox, will be recognized as our Humanitarians of the Year. Cable-Dahmer Auto Group, will be recognized as Heartland Corporate Citizen of the Year, and Ron Finke our Professional Advisor of the Year. This month I am pleased to share information about our seven Citizens of the Year being recognized by their community’s Mayor. 

Letter to the Editor: Health Care Policy, Not Politics

In recent weeks, some of our politicians have suggested that if the broken Obamacare law is going to be changed, the vote should be bipartisan. Whether partisan or bipartisan, though, political considerations should take a back seat to good policy in the discussion about how to make health care better in this country.
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The Evidence Of Faith’s Substance: The Bible is Unique in its Survival
The Evidence Of Faith’s Substance: The Bible is Unique in its Survival
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