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Home » Opinion » Ballot Measures On The November 8 Election

Ballot Measures On The November 8 Election

October 22, 2016

By Bob Gough

Do you think your taxes are too low and need to be raised?  Do you think your taxes are too high and need to be lowered?

You can ignore the government if you wish, but I can assure you that the government will not ignore you.  Nearly every measure on the November 8 ballot is designed to reach into your wallet and take your hard-earned money.  Your money will then be used to reward bureaucrats, lobbyists, and pressure groups. Every one of the tax grabbing measures promise you that your money will be used for some vital project that must be funded.  

However, that promise is a fraud. Budgets are passed by the legislatures, and implemented by the executive branch, not by the voters.  For example, the taxes on casinos and lotto tickets were promised to be used for education.  Not true.  The gambling revenue goes anywhere the legislature and Governor spend the revenues.  Government bureaucrats spend our tax money to fatten their wallets and buy votes for their friends. 

The promoters of the County COMBAT tax promise you that the tax will be used to “combat” illegal drugs.  Really?  After spending hundreds of millions of your dollars, are illegal drugs on the decline?  I don’t think so.  If illegal drug usage was eliminated, the COMBAT promoters would not be able to scare you into voting for more taxes to fatten their wallets at your expense.  Clearly, COMBAT is a failure.  But the government asks you to renew the COMBAT tax again and again.  It is time to say NO to the scammers reaching into your wallet. 

Have you ever been asked to vote to support the fleet of airplanes that are at the disposal for the Governor and other state big shots?  Of course not.   The voters would refuse to support this nonsense.  Instead, the voters are asked to support huge cigarette taxes for “education.”  This releases other education funds to pay for the purchase, maintenance and operation of the Governor’s airplane fleet.  The more money you give for “education,” the more money the government has for absurd projects.  Vote NO on all the cigarette taxes. The State “soil and water conservation” tax gives public money to well-connected farmers who contribute to tax and finance State Representatives. The Library Tax increase (Proposition L) is another vote buying scam. The libraries are already well-funded.   Vote NO on all tax increase ballot measures.

Two ballot tax measures deserve your YES vote.  State Amendment 4 bans new sales and use taxes on services that were not taxed in 2015.  In the future, the State may not tax haircuts, day care, doctor visits and other services not currently taxed. The other good ballot tax measure is County Question 3.  Only cars purchased at a Missouri car dealer will have a sales tax.  Car sales between private parties and out-of-state purchases will not be taxed.  Vote YES on these two measures.

The US Constitution Article I Section 9 states: “No tax or Duty shall be laid on Articles exported from any State.”  The current practice in Missouri of charging a sales tax on cars, boats, and other vehicles purchased out-of-state is un-constitutional, but it is done anyway.  Our elected officials who swear to uphold the constitution when they are installed in office willingly and knowingly violate their oath of office by taxing out-of-state purchases.

State Amendment 2 restricts political campaign contributions.  Most of us do not have the time or ability to go door-to-door to campaign for candidates we support.  Instead, we contribute money for the candidate to use for mailers, signs and radio/TV.  Restricting these contributions is a restriction of our free speech. Vote NO on State Amendment 2.

State Amendment 6 (Photo ID) requires the voter to show a photo ID to vote.  You must show a photo ID to see a doctor, apply for welfare, ride a plane, rent a motel room, or open a bank account.  It is reasonable to expect a voter to prove that they are who they say are. Vote YES on State Amendment 6.
Again, do you think your taxes are too low and need to be raised?  Give your answer to this question on November 8 at the ballot box.

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  1. Clark Patterson says:
    October 28th, 2016 at 11:57
    Agree with the author, except for Amendment 2. The unrestricted donations lead to more out of state money for Missouri elections. I also find it interesting that Missouri has so many amendment issues every election. Tax increases as Constitutional Amendments is odd.....
  2. David Kaiser says:
    November 1st, 2016 at 10:33
    Two observations:
    1) What genius thinks it's a moral good to fund 'childhood health & education' from people who purchase cancer sticks that will kill them? Vote NO on all these tobacco tax increase amendments.
    2) If the electorate is being asked to fund government programs or policies via constitutional amendments, you're doing it wrong. If a government program or policy is worthy of funding then petition the legislature to do their darn job and put it in the budget. Vote NO on all these funding amendments.

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