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Be The Blessing ~ Despair, depression, hopelessness, illness, remorse

Be The Blessing ~ Despair, depression, hopelessness, illness, remorse

By Tina Chandler

Those words may not fit in this instance, decide for yourself. This week, someone I knew took his own life. He felt so much pain and anguish and didnít see any way out. Most of us may never know what was truly in his heart or on his mind in the moments leading up to this decision. Most of us may never understand how suicide can be an option for anyone. We may never know how to comfort his family, his friends. Some of us understand all too well. Some of us have known and loved family or friends that left us too soon, all by their own hands. We experience a whole range of emotions Ė disbelief, anger, confusion, hurt, and the list goes on.

Despair, depression, hopelessness, illness, remorse Ė these are all reasons that have been cited in suicide situations. Despite the circumstance, the reason Ė there is hope. Hope for comfort, for love, for relief from the causes. I am sure that some of you will disagree with me. Thatís your belief. This is mine. I believe that while there may very well be a physical reason for pain, a chemical imbalance, a physical or emotional/mental illness, there is also hope. Every one of us will face trouble in our lives, will endure hardships, and will experience seemingly unbearable situations.

In those deep, dark moments of agony Ė seek Godís face. Cry out to the Lord with an open heart and willing spirit. He promises that He is with us Ė Immanuel. Godís help may come in the form of a compassionate friend, a loving pastor, a caring stranger, an educated counselor or doctor. Seek GODíS plan and He will put the right person or people in your life to walk with you.

If you are the one that God places in anotherís life, pray and ask for His guidance. Seek the Holy Spiritís teaching and follow His lead. Be a friend, an ear, a sounding board Ė a prayer partner Ė Be the Blessing.

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