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Home » Opinion » Be The Blessing March 2, 2013

Be The Blessing March 2, 2013

Be The Blessing March 2, 2013

March 2, 2013

By Tina Chandler

Snow-mageddon, Snow-pocalypse, Old Man Winter’s Revenge

Whatever it is, we survived it.  The storm of the year 2013!

I started writing this on Thursday, February 21st and finished up Saturday. As I sit in a hotel room in Olathe, I realize how blessed I truly am - blessed because I am safe from the storm, didn’t get stranded, my hubby and kiddo are home with our animal brood, and as far as I know my friends and the rest of the family are all safe too. 

I am blessed to work for a company that affords me some perks, a 4x4 to drive and an occasional stay at a hotel.  Of course they get a lot of my time in return.  It was quiet upstairs at work today. There were a few others downstairs working and more OUTSIDE shoveling snow, plowing and scraping!  All in all, I got a lot accomplished and feel pretty good about the day. 

After work, I slowly made my way the 2 blocks to the hotel. The restaurant near the lobby was bustling with people, storm escapees most of them. They were serving up a buffet for dinner and it smelled great! 

I made it to the room for a while, then back down for dinner. The place was packed and I had to wait for a table. The 1st one that opened up was a booth with enough room for 6!  I told the waiter that if there was a couple or another person alone that they were more than welcome to sit with me. I made my way up to the buffet and met up with a nice lady named Margaret. I invited her to join me so she wouldn’t have to wait for a table.

It was a nice dinner and a great visit!  She is a delight!  She was my blessing today!  Friday morning proved to be somewhat uneventful. The restaurant was serving up some delicious choices for breakfast.  I saw Margaret with one of her co-workers. 

The kind lady came to get Margaret because she had to abandon her car on the side of the road during the storm.  Glad to know that she didn’t have to deal with a tow lot and the fees associated with that experience!  Now, she just had to find someone to help her dig her car out so she could get home. All in all, a day’s worth of inconvenience for Margaret but still a blessing!

The 26th of each month has become the “official unofficial” Be the Blessing Day as a FB event.  The 3rd one is February 26th. This began as a way to remind each other to slow down and do some random act of kindness. This is something we should all practice every day, but maybe a reminder would get us in the habit.  It was suggested to have this on the 26th in honor of the 26 victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy.  So this Tuesday, and every 26th after that, take the time to allow God to present you with an opportunity (or 26 of them) to be someone’s blessing.

On a sad note, it’s been a tough week in KC – the explosion and destruction at JJ’s on the Plaza that resulted in the death of one of their employees. Many residents and businesses caught up in the chaos, families suddenly without income. The investigation is ongoing. I am sure they will figure out what happened and work to correct the failures. Now the healing begins. The family will say goodbye to Megan Cramer. The employees of JJ’s will pick up the pieces and move ahead. This will not be an easy time for them. Please keep them in prayer as time passes. There are already benefits planned to help them out – businesses and individuals getting together to show support and love. They have made the conscience decision to BE THE BLESSING in a time of great need.

We can all pitch in – a little or a lot.  Prayer is free but pays great dividends!  Be the Blessing to Megan’s family and the employees of JJ’s.

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