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Children Always Come First

April 1, 2017

Last week Troy & Cyndy Jackson wrote a letter to the editor falsely claimed they were targeted by me because my campaign signs ended up in their yard. That is a bold face lie. Here is the truth. 

The Jackson's are part of the recall group, and misled voters at the polls in order to get them to sign the petition. Last spring, we were made aware of a series of posts attacking me online since December 2015 by Mr. Jackson that included very vulgar language including references to semen, feces and comments about my weight calling me a "fat F___"(you get the point). 

We were then made aware of a post on Facebook where Mr. Jackson stated where my family had moved to in District 4 and urged parents at our children's elementary school to "keep an eye out for their kids", "watch what school they go to next year", named an elementary school and said I bet "you will find them swimming at the Windsboro neighborhood pool". 

This raised many red flags for our family. Regardless of politics, there is absolutely no reason for an adult to publicly urge other adults and strangers on Facebook to watch anyone's young children and see where they go to school or swim. Especially when our children were in second grade and kindergarten. We became very troubled as these individuals were the room parents of our daughters kindergarten class. 

We were then made aware of a Lee's Summit police report number 1-14-011434 from an incident dated October 7, 2014 where Mr. Jackson was arrested for assaulting an underage Hispanic teenager that was sitting in his vehicle. According to the report, Mr. Jackson felt the kid was driving too fast. He started cussing at the kid, to which the kid started mouthing back leading Mr. Jackson to punch the kid in his face according to witnesses. Mr. Jackson admitted to this when being arrested and photos were taken. LSR7 School Policy requires any volunteer that has been arrested to notify the district within 7 business days. To our knowledge this did not occur. 

As if this is not concerning enough, there was another post where Mr. Jackson stated "his opposition to my candidacy was no different than calling Obama a monkey". What adult says something like that? Let alone a member of an elementary school PTA or coach. 

All of these posts and many more led my wife and I to have a conversation with the Principal at Highland Park and leaders in the LSR7 school district about the safety of our children and the background check policy for volunteers in our schools. I feel confident any reasonable adult would have done the same. An executive board member of the Highland Park PTA also expressed her concerns and requested the Jackson's be removed from leadership positions at the school, not for their opposition to me, but the language used in public posts regarding our children and a number of topics. 

In closing, these are the facts. As a father I will always put their safety first, whether I am an elected official or not. I do not apologize for taking measures to ensure they were safe and protected. While I still have many concerns to this day regarding the LSR7 background check policy for volunteers after our experience, I also know the wonderful staff at Highland Park went above and beyond to ensure our children were protected at all times.

Chris Moreno is City Councilman in Lee's Summit's 4th District. He and his wife Cortney were raised in Lee's Summit and have two children.

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