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Home » Opinion » Newtown And The New America

Newtown And The New America

Newtown And The New America

December 22, 2012

Chris Moreno

Like so many parents across the country, I wanted to throw up when I saw the news headline about the mass killing of 20 innocent babies in Newtown, Ct. Pundits on every channel are asking the same questions, “What caused this? What kind of monster would do this?”

The answer is complex but one that must be decided as a society.

Most of my childhood was spent in the inner city. I was a senior in high school when Columbine happened. I have worked at the top levels of politics.

Sure I am a Democrat but I am pro-second amendment. I am a Christian and a father. For me, while horrible to think about, it’s very easy to see how Newtown happened. It’s easy to see why there have been 7 mass killings in just 5 years. The problem isn’t just political, it’s cultural.

If you take a moment to turn off the television, talk radio, Facebook and your chain emails, you will see it’s not a coincidence.

Politics has us believe as a nation that we can’t be pro-gun unless we are also supportive of AR-15’s and high powered pistols.

It has many believing in order to protect their constitutional right to carry a pistol they have to elect politicians who believe insurance companies shouldn’t have to cover the mentally ill or special needs. We are the only nation that believes access to health care is the end of our nation as we know it?

That electing pro-gun politicians is more important than one that is pro-education. And that mandating radio and television stations have competing viewpoints (which was the case until 1989) is a bad thing?

Pundits will point to guns as the only problem following this crisis. But it is not a coincidence that since the removal of the Fairness Doctrine the rhetoric once viewed by both parties as wacko has dominated radio, television, and far too many churches since late 1980s.

This dummied down, extremist, hysteria partisan, political rhetoric is now holding our Congress, and nation, hostage. It’s fueling a society that has become angrier, more politicized, more armed, more mentally unstable and more violent, leading to more killing.

Friends of the mother slain by her serial killer son told media outlets that his mom was “obsessed with guns” and a “survivalist, stockpiling on food, water and guns out of fear that the world was going to end.” This is what happens when the extremist opinions of lunatics like Michael Savage and Mark Levin becomes the new normal.

Parents, it is not a coincidence that in the same time frame of sharp increases in murder, mass killings and child abductions, is the skyrocketing of divorce, fatherless kids, atheism and jobs that have us working nights and weekends to make ends meet. Ultra-violent games and movies glorifying gore, serial killing, torture and satanism.

Endless television shows about crime scenes, murder and being pregnant at 16. The glorifying of S&M, bondage and violent sex through books and movies now puts you on Barbara Walters Top 10 list? Top 40 songs and music videos promoting domestic violence and satanic deities worshipped by drug cartels as somehow “art”?

All of this is because parents trying to be their kids also think it’s cool and others simply don’t care. So long as their kids don’t interrupt them watching Honey Boo-Boo or Snooky…

Chris Moreno is a contributing writer for Playgrounddad.com, a top national website for dads and he is professional researcher and strategist. Previously he served as Legislative Liaison and Political Director for Governor Jay Nixon and the Missouri Democratic Party. You can follow him on Twitter @MorenoDadKC or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/MorenoDadKc

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