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On occasion friends tell friends, now’s not the time. Good friends understand.

 On occasion friends tell friends, now’s not the time. Good friends understand.

Printed January 8, 2011

The community of Lee’s Summit and the R-7 school district has and share many mutual friends. They share in these good people by seeking to involve them to the design and build a better city and school district. Both know good people don’t limit themselves to just one issue but get involved and vote in many different issues. It’s my observation and experience that, over time, good people working together, look forward to being involved and sought after. That belonging and wanting to belong and participate in building a better community and district introduces them to new good friends and business acquaintances. Being involved means good people depend on you to do the “right” thing, to be there when it’s time. Soon, it can feel like an obligation.   

It is also my observation, that something has evolved, perhaps favorable to the community and district and perhaps not so favorable. It contains both fear and pride, opportunity and reluctance, conviction and confusion. The something I am referring to is “support”.  

On February 8, 2011 you and I will be asked to support a levy increase for the R-7 school district, your school district.

Yes, good friends will oppose good friends in this vote. Some will fear the fall out professionally or personally if they vote no. Others will be politically reluctant to let others know where they stand, either for or against. Yes, good friends don’t want others to think they’re not supportive of our schools and therefore not good people. Ironically, it’s not an issue of supporting the schools, it’s about setting limits on when enough is enough.
Good friends, even those that will vote no, still support schools, teachers and administrators. However, they do so out of ability not obligation.

My vote will be NO. My reasons are simple. Now is not the time for me to have my mortgage payment raised, my businesses rent raised, the people I buy products and services from to have to raise their prices to cover their tax increase and on and on it goes.

My message is simple: good friends can vote no and… real friends will understand.   

Ron Williams
Lee’s Summit, MO

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  1. Robert says:
    January 16th, 2011 at 21:27
    Ron, thank you for your thoughts on the levy. It is true, we do support school staff out of ability not out of obligation. We need to remember that and vote no on the levy. We have good citizens that are having some tough times. Do we tell them to just hunker down and tighten their belts? Of course not, we tell the district leardeship to do that. Do without some of the items that aren't needed. Cut where cuts can be made. District administration can take paycuts and a reduction in benefit packages in order to help balance the distrcit budget. There may be other areas that can be cut in order to help reduce expenses. There is always a way-it shouldn't be up to the taxpayer to always pick up the tab.
  2. John Q Public says:
    February 8th, 2011 at 04:22
    Excellent article. My vote will also be NO.
    But the fact is that it will likely pass with flying colors, as every single LSMO R7 levy in almost 20 years has passed.
    That is part of the problem, it easiest for the district to just keep asking for more money, they will likely get it. They have become a very effective fundraising machine.
  3. LookingForADeal says:
    February 9th, 2011 at 20:56
    Excellent evaluation. During tough times you must save where you can. Shopping in towns with lower sales taxes for example.
  4. Looking For A Deal says:
    February 9th, 2011 at 21:00
    Shopping in towns with lower sales taxes saves money durign hard times.

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