By Rebekah Ritter
Intern Reporter for the Tribune

The Public Works Committee covered four topics at their July 17th meeting. First, Dena Mezger presented a funding agreement between the City of Lee’s Summit and the Pinetree Village Homeowner’s Association for a stormwater improvement project. This stemmed from the HOA offering to pay for construction if the city would expand its water project up through a larger area. The city agreed. These structures do not have any structural flooding, but they do present problems in the foundation. They offered a payment of $37,000.00 to the city, who is using the last of the 2007 Stormwater Bond Project to complete this work. The presentation was given just as a funding agreement, so that the HOA can pay the money owed on the project. The HOA has asked for an extension of construction to raise more funds, but the contract allows them to pay within two weeks of receiving documentation or after January 1, 2019. Councilmember Rob Binney moved to make the recommendation to the City Council, and it was seconded and recommended for approval.


The next order of business was item TMP0944. George Binger, a city engineer, presented an ordinance for approval of the award of Bid No. 324-18/19 to fix some crack seal issues in constructions. It was a very straightforward presentation, and a total of $131,950 was awarded to Scodeller Construction, Inc, who will be doing the project.

Binger also presented an ordinance for the approval of Bid No. 324-18/19 for the curb repair program, which will be performed by Phoenix Concrete and Underground, LLC. Ten percent of the total cost of $1,529,802.48 will go to making the curbs compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act policies. There will be 65,000 linear feet of curb repaired with this money. Citizens in the affected neighborhoods will receive ample notice and are given information on the City of Lee’s Summit website. Councilmember Diane Forte moved to recommend the ordinance for approval, and it was seconded and recommended to the city council.

The final presentation was made by Jeff Thorn, Assistant Director of Engineering Services, Lee’s Summit Water Utilities. Topic TMP0950 is an ordinance authorizing the execution of an agreement between Lee’s Summit and HDR Engineering, Inc, for engineering services related to sanitary sewer models, hydraulic capacity and design services in Downtown Lee’s Summit. Thorn simply made the proposition for a study into how the water systems are currently working, in order to give HDR Engineering up to date, accurate data. The study will take four to six months, and will help solve future issues, should they arise. The motion was made, seconded, and recommended for approval.

Councilmembers present at the meeting were Committee Chair Craig Faith, Diane Forte and Rob Binney. Councilmember Fred DeMoro was absent.