Feb. 29, 2019

The LS R-7 health services professionals are making efforts to minimize the number of illnesses at school this winter. The health services team would like to share the following items from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services and the Missouri Department of Communicable Diseases. These guidelines are for reference as we seek to take care of our students at school and at home.

Illness – Unable to participate in routine activities or needs more care than can be provided by the childcare/school staff.

Fever – Fever is considered a temperature of 100.4 or greater. Student needs to be fever free for 24 hours without the aid of a fever-reducing medication.

Signs/Symptoms of Possible Severe Illness – Until a healthcare provider has done an evaluation to rule out severe illness when the child is unusually tired, has uncontrolled coughing, unexplained irritability, persistent crying, difficulty breathing, wheezing, or other unusual signs for the child.

Diarrhea – Until the child has been free of diarrhea for at least 24 hours or until a medical exam indicates that it is not due to a communicable disease. Diarrhea is defined as an increased number of stools compared with a child’s normal pattern, along with decreased stool form and/or stools that are watery, bloody, or contain mucus.

Vomiting – Vomiting two or more times in the previous 24 hours, unless determined to be caused by a non-communicable condition and the child is not in danger of dehydration.

Rash with Fever or Behavior Change – Until a medical exam indicates these symptoms are not those of a communicable disease that requires exclusion.

Eye Drainage – When purulent (pus) drainage and/or fever or eye pain is present or a medical exam indicates that a child may return.

This flu season is already very active and students can significantly decrease the spreading of germs by frequent hand washing and containing the spread of illness by staying home when sick.

If you have any questions, please call the health room at your student’s school. Thank you for your efforts to help keep our community healthy.