March 22, 2019

Dear Editor:

Michael McDonough, Raytown Mayor and I started our police careers together in 1975. In the 44 years we have known one another I have come to respect Mayor Mike as a colleague and friend. He is one of the most honorable and trustworthy individuals I have ever known. His lifelong love of Raytown inspired him to transition from law enforcement to Mayor of the City, always hopeful to make life better for others and for the employees with whom he works. I cannot imagine him not playing a role in helping Raytown advance.

Over the past three years we have served on several boards together and his representation of Raytown is recognized by other Mayors as complete dedication to his community. I know that the residents of Raytown feel, as I do, that there have been few Mayors that have worked as hard as Mike to promote and care for his citizens. He has certainly had his challenges, but has always maintained a positive attitude and not allowed the ugly politics to harden his heart.

Mike remains true to Raytown and deserves another term. I have asked my family members in Raytown to support Mike and ensure his return to office as Mayor. “I Like Mike” too but I have never been prouder to call him friend. Please vote for Mike on April 2nd.

Kris Turnbow