Mar. 30, 2019

Dear Editor

School Board elections are coming up next week. I need to put out there my experiences with candidate Mike Allen. I have known Mike for over 20 years. I met him when I first moved to Lee’s Summit. At the time Mike didn’t have children, just his beautiful wife Melanie. In the insurance business at the time, he helped our special needs community understand life planning for them. He became fast friends with most of the parents as he educated us. Several of us then got on a mission to establish a 501c3 called EFECT (Encouraging Families with Exceptional Children Together). I was the founding President and of course Mike agreed to be part of our board. He worked tirelessly to help us all. Board meetings almost every week, volunteering at every single event. Rarely did we have someone as involved as Mike that did not have a disabled child. Mike is my “go to” on financial advice for future planning for my son. We have remained good friends over the years and he is one person I know that would drop what he is doing and be there for you. I think I explained his morals, ethics, and just what a downright awesome person he is. For our school board, we would be so lucky to have him. Now, with children of his own in the district, I feel like he see’s things from all perspectives. Financial sense is a given with his career so there is no doubt in my mind he will scrutinize each budgetary decision our school board makes. He is not a confrontational type of guy but acts respectfully to all involved while making sure his opinion is heard. You won’t find a better candidate for our school board. Representing ALL students in Lee’s Summit. He is an extraordinary man you don’t come across often. MIKE ALLEN FOR SCHOOL BOARD!

Heidi Harmon
Lee’s Summit