The Raytown High School Theatre Department received six Starlight Theatre Blue Star Award nominations and nine Cappies nominations for their performances over the 2018-2019 school year.

Raytown High’s Blue Star Award nominations, all for the production Big River, include Lead Actor, Kaleb Clemmons as Jim; Lead Actor, Joshua McCarroll as Huck; Scenic Design; and Costume Design; Outstanding Ensemble; and Outstanding Overall Production.

Starlight Theatre’s annual Blue Star Awards recognize achievement and excellence in musical theatre among Kansas City area high school students. This is the first time Raytown High School has received more than three nominations.

The Blue Star Awards Gala will take place May 23 at 7:30 p.m. at Starlight Theatre. The Gala is free and open to the public, parking is $5.

Raytown High School theatre program director Katie Kolster shared, “I often tell our students that things like nominations and awards are merely ‘sprinkles’ on a cupcake–they look cool, but don’t change the taste. The hard work we’ve done is the cake, which is delicious by itself, the frosting is the audience enjoyment of our productions, and any awards we get are the sprinkles,” said Raytown High School Theatre program director Katie Kolster. “Despite the outcome of any nominations and the awards we receive or don’t receive, I am extremely proud of these students and the artistic work we do together.”

Raytown High’s Cappies nominations for Big River include Lead Actor in a Musical, Joshua McCarroll as Huck; Supporting Actor in a Musical, Kaleb Clemmons as Jim; Female Vocalist, Sereena Burton as Alice; and Outstanding Ensemble in a Musical – The Black Ensemble.

Raytown High’s Cappies nominations for Steel Magnolias include Supporting Actress in a Play, Kylie Butler as Truvy; Comedic Actress in a Play, Shelby Ranck as Ouiser; Featured Actress in a Play, Liz Bagunu as Annelle; Props Design, Marissa Jones; and Hair and Makeup Design, Jack McClung and Kylie Butler.

The Cappies organization is a national program that trains high school theatre and journalism students to see, critique, and write reviews about high school theatre. The goal is to give high school theatre programs feedback and celebrate the arts community.

At the Cappies Gala, May 25, 6:30 p.m. at Oak Grove High School. Tickets can be purchased at

The director of the Raytown High School theatre program is Katie Kolster.