May 11, 2019

SCA Varsity Football coaches and players recently hosted the second annual SCA Flag Football Camp for 113 participants in grades K-7 from SCA and the Kansas City community

The Summit Christian Academy (SCA) Varsity Football team recently hosted K-7th grade students from SCA and the Kansas City community as part of their second annual SCA Flag Football Camp. With 113 participants, the camp more-than doubled in attendance from the 46 participating in the inaugural year.

The goal of the league is to get youth excited about football in a fun, safe, and challenging environment. Participants learned basic fundamentals and worked on offensive and defensive techniques, taught by SCA varsity coaches and players.

“Part of my mission as the head football coach at SCA is to grow our feeder program for future players,” shared SCA Varsity Football Coach Todd Berck. “This years’ camp was a great success. The varsity players did a great job teaching devotions and teaching their teams each week. This will be a key to growing our football program and getting families excited about football.”