May 15, 2019

Why do you ride a bike or want to start riding? Family fun? Exercise? Reducing everyone’s screen time? Saving money by commuting to work? Love of the outdoors? Spending quality time with friends and family? There are several reasons people embrace the sport of bike riding. If you haven’t already dusted off your bike, got it tuned up or purchased one, now is the time. May is National Bike Month.

National Bike Month, established in 1956, is sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists and celebrated in communities across America. It was developed to encourage more people to give bicycling a try.

For new adventures, think of new ways to ride your bike. A morning ride and stopping to have breakfast at a park was always a favorite of ours. Also, there are many planned events throughout Kansas City to promote bicycle riding. You can find a list of events at There is a range of activities. Take the family to the Bike In Movie on May 16 @ 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm at the Boulevard Drive Inn at 1051 Merriam Lane, Kansas City, KS featuring the movie “The Pagemaster.” For an adult activity join the Tour de Bier KC Knuckleheads Saloon, 2715 Rochester Kansas City, MO May 19 from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Or just form your own activities with family, friends, and schools.

There are numerous Bike Trails in and around Lee’s Summit. Listed below are some of them. Many are family friendly and some are for the more advanced rider. You can check them out on the internet to see which ones fit your style of riding:
• Longview Lake Trail
• Legacy Park Trail
• James A. Reed Memorial Wildlife Area
• Larry Mattonen Memorial Trail, Fleming Park
• Little Blue Trace
• Rock Island Rail Corridor Trail
• Lee’s Summit Greenway Trail System: Lee’s Summit has multi-use sidewalks. Wider sidewalks for pedestrians and bicyclists. LS Parks and Rec has maps available of The Greenway Trail system.
• Carl Chinnery Trail at Unity Village

Within May is the National Bike to Work Week from May 13–19 and Bike to Work or School Day is Friday, May 17!

As more Bicyclists will be on the road beginning this month through the rest of the summer, motorists need to be alert. Both bikes and cars obey the same traffic laws but cyclists are more vulnerable. For these reasons, it is important for drivers to always approach cyclists carefully.

Watch for children: Children are not predictable and not always aware of their surroundings.

Be cautious: Always slow down when you see cyclists and give them extra space. Only pass them when it is safe and leave lots of space. Do not return to your lane until you are past the cyclist.

Yield to cyclists: Bicycles are considered vehicles and have the same right of way as motorists. Allow them extra time to cross intersections.

Be courteous: Watch out for cyclists, do not blast your horn as your encounter them and look out for approaching cyclists when opening your door.

Ride with your family or friends during National Bike Month and discover new reasons to ride. Remember to wear those helmets to prevent brain injuries.

This article was submitted by Jan Nelson, who is a member of the Livable Streets Advisory Board. The Livable Streets Advisory Board is a Mayor-appointed, volunteer board whose goals include working to make our community and our streets more “livable”, safe and accessible for all of our citizens.