Fire for Effect

The Missouri National Guard’s 135th Army Band will be performing at the Legacy Park Amphitheater on Thursday, June 27 at 7 p.m. The event will feature performances by the Bear Brass and Fire for Effect.

Organized on November 13th, 1947, the 135th Army Band’s mission is to provide music throughout the full spectrum of military operations and instill in our soldiers the will to fight and win, foster the support of our citizens, and promote our national interests at home and abroad.

The 135th Army Band is under the Command of Chief Warrant Officer 5 (CW5) Robert Springer. Located in Springfield, MO, the unit consist of several different performance ensembles, each with capabilities unique in instrumentation as well as in the skills of the individual musicians. The Concert Band, Ceremonial Band and Marching Band require the unit’s full assignment of 40 musicians. Those groups perform for military ceremonies as well as community relations events. Bear Brass and Windfall are smaller, 5-15 musician teams used in a similar fashion to the larger ensembles.

The unit also features 5-15 member popular music ensembles: Aftershock, a dance band and jazz band; and Fire for Effect, a pop/rock band. These teams perform for events like military balls, high school and university outreach, and many community-related events. In addition, the unit has individuals that can perform solo for the National Anthem and for fallen service members to pay honor and respect to the departed by rendering Taps on the bugle.