July 6, 2019

Jordan moved to Lee’s Summit in fourth grade as his mother was adamant on the superior education by LSR7. He has been involved in the community, spending time assisting LS Social Services with back to school programs and food pantry services.

Jordan has heavy interest in the political scene. He is passionate about making a difference in his community along with the national community as well. He plans on studying Psychology and Political Science at The University of Kansas.

Over his four years at Lee’s Summit West he was an avid debater. He thanks Matthew Good, the debate coach at West, for creating the hunger within him to grit and grind for what is moral and truthful. Jordan’s yearning for truth has made him a trusted comrade and community member.

Released earlier in the year, in the monthly publication of Lee’s Summit Our Schools, Jordan was featured as he wrote about equity in Lee’s Summit. He garnered public attention and personal merit through this passionate and assertive piece. This was especially important as this was a hot topic in the community at the time, and currently. This specific piece ingrained in him that he was destined to reach out to bigger and broader audiences with his voice, through writing.

“I love to argue. My friends and family will be the first to say that I will almost finish any conversation with a debate. I’ve always wanted to be a lawyer. I enjoy competitive debate as of right now. When I finish up my schooling, I hope to be as great as Johnnie Cochran.”