Sept. 7, 2019

Missouri State Auditor Galloway’s Office has completed its audit of the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit City of Raytown Municipal Division report for 11/01/2017-10/31/2018. The report states that, “in the areas audited, the overall performance of this entity was Excellent.” The audit report has been publicly released and is available at the following website:

Damon Hodges, Raytown city administrator

“We are pleased to receive this report from the Missouri State Auditor’s Office, as it highlights the high quality of functions and compliance that Judge Traci Fann and our Raytown Municipal Court staff maintain in the operation of the court,” said City Administrator, Damon Hodges. The City Administrator further stated, “the audit of the Raytown Municipal Court is a separate audit that was started when the Missouri State Auditor’s Office began their audit of the City of Raytown. We continue our work at City Hall in a transparent manner as the Missouri State Auditors continue to review the City’s functions and compliance as scheduled.”