Sunday, Sept. 22, 2019 6:41 p.m.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Jackson County Executive Frank White, Jr. is announcing his proposal for a $3 million property tax cut for Jackson County. Everyone that pays county property taxes would benefit from the County Executive’s proposal.

Notably, if this proposal is adopted by the County Legislature, nearly 200,000 taxpayers would pay less to Jackson County this year than they did in 2018.

The County Executive is proposing a one-time reduction to the county’s property tax levies. The County Executive is proposing the maximum amount that the County can rollback their property tax levies that will still generate the revenue necessary to support the County’s 2019 budget.

“Since becoming County Executive, I have committed myself to ignoring the noise and focusing on doing what is in the best interest of the County. Quite simply, that is why I am proposing this substantial tax cut,” said Jackson County Executive Frank White, Jr. “My proposal will put $3 million in the pockets of Jackson County

In 2018, a homeowner with a $100,000 home value paid Jackson County $133.25 in property taxes. Under the County Executive’s proposal, an individual with the same home value would pay approximately $111.64 in 2019, an approximate 16 percent decrease. i

“I am hopeful that members of the Legislature will approve my recommended proposal and that other taxing jurisdictions will consider doing the same,” White

i The reduced property tax amount is the result of the County Executive’s proposed tax cut, as well as the levy
rollback required by the Missouri State Constitution, commonly referred to as the Hancock Amendment.

Marshanna Smith, Public Information Officer Jackson County Executive’s Office