December 14, 2019

In 1957, Elvis Presley released his Christmas Album with the memorable tune, “I’ll have a Blue Christmas Without You.” This ballad struck a chord with many who found the Holiday Season’s joyous activities muted by memories of loss and mourning. We are still playing this song, 62 years later. For many who are “blue” at Christmas, the emphasis on joy simply magnifies the feelings of isolation and sadness.

As a compassionate response, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church of Lee’s Summit, 416 SE Grand Ave. will offer a Blue Christmas Service on Saturday, December 21, at 5pm. The Blue Christmas service is quiet and contemplative, but not melancholy. It uses music, scripture, quiet reflection, and light to help people find some peace and hope during the holidays. This service is intended for people of any faith or none. All are truly welcome. For more information email: PRIEST@STPAULSLS.ORG or see the event on our Facebook Page. This is the second annual offering of this service at St. Paul’s Church.