January 29, 2020

By Fred Liggett

Super Bowl LIV preparations continued today with both teams practicing and the media hearing about a number of topics from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

The San Francisco 49ers removed LB Dee Ford from the team’s injury list today and RB Tevin Coleman returned to practice giving the team a full roster at practice for the first time. Coleman was a limited participant in the afternoon’s team workout. The Kansas City Chiefs also have a full roster of players out at practice. Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid commented that both TE Travis Kelce and DE Chris Jones got work in today.

Thursday will be the last day that both teams face the media prior to Sunday’s big game. The Chiefs final press conference will be in the morning while the 49ers will meet the media in the afternoon.

Goodell talked to the media today about the status of the game and several ongoing projects the league is working on. When asked about the Super Bowl 54 matchup Goodell commented “we say football is about family, and we have two of the best in sports in this year’s Super Bowl”. “The chiefs are guided by the Hunt Family, Norma and Clark who carry on the legacy of team founder Lamar who famously coined the term Super Bowl”. “Then we have the 49ers back in the Super Bowl under the leadership of Denise, John and Jed York. The Niners won the Super Bowl after the NFL’s 75th season here in Miami.

Kansas City Chiefs fans may be interested in another topic that the commissioner touched upon and that’s the new stadiums in Los Angeles and Las Vegas opening in the 2020 NFL season. Goodell commented “We are launching the Raiders in Las Vegas, I was out there a week ago and the stadium is extraordinary.”

The NFL on Wednesday held a press conference to discuss all the security measures in place that will keep everyone safe on Super Bowl Sunday. On Thursday the league will hold a press conference about the Pepsi Halftime Show which will feature the talents of Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.

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