February 1, 2020

By Fred Liggett

NFL fans know every year that they can find plenty of pre-game interviews, game previews and much, much more on Super Bowl Sundays as the country prepares for kick off of the BIG game. Super Bowl 54 will be no different as the NFL network will begin eight hours of pre-game coverage starting at 8 a.m. Central.

The NFL network’s coverage of the big game includes the use of game analysts who have played in the event at some point during their NFL careers. These analysts visited with Super Bowl media members to go over what they are thinking of the Kansas City Chiefs/San Francisco 49ers match up. Former NFL great Deion Sanders said “it takes a wonderful team to make the Super Bowl.” Sanders added, “The team is dedicated to excellence.” Regarding the NFC champions passing game Sanders says, “That Kittle is unbelievable, do not underestimate the San Francisco passing game.”

Former NFL player Willie McGinest talked about how to take Chiefs QB Pat Mahomes out of being a central figure in the game’s outcome, “Must slow down, not stop him, Got to mix it up on D.” “Make him go 80 yards every time.”

Thursday of this week was the 20th anniversary of the St. Louis Rams winning the 2000 Super Bowl thanks to the team’s offense. The leader of that Rams offense was QB Kurt Warner and he talked about that experience saying, “Anytime you are around Super Bowl week you think about your Super Bowl Experience.” Warner has made the NFL Hall of fame since his playing days and he feels one of his teammates, WR Isaac Bruce, should join him there, “It’s time, way he carried himself it’s time for Isaac.”

All the NFL Network game analysts believe this year’s Super Bowl matchup between the 49ers and Chiefs is a great one and everyone is looking forward to watching the game. NFL Network will begin their Super Bowl Game Day coverage live from several spots in Miami at 8 a.m. Central.

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