February 29, 2020

Ryan Myers, a local real estate appraiser and Raytown Alderman, is vying for the vacant seat in Missouri’s 9th Senate District. He is currently a member of the 10-member city council. “I want to use my experience working with my colleagues who have a wide-array of political beliefs to better our community; that should be the common goal for any elected official. I feel that I have proven myself in Raytown, and I look forward to implementing new ideas at the state level”, Myers said.

Ryan Myers currently represents Ward 3 in Raytown, is a life-long resident of the Raytown area, and is a graduate of Raytown High School (Class of 2007). At 31, he is the youngest Alderman to have been elected by his peers as Mayor Pro-Tem in the history of Raytown, and would be the youngest member of the Missouri Senate if elected. Myers holds a B.S. in Economics from Kansas State University.

“Being the son of a steel fabricator, I understand the importance of organized labor in our community and want to ensure that I am accessible and transparent to all constituents in order to best-represent them.” Among Myers’ notable legislation, he detailed that he worked to help transfer Raytown’s city-ran EMS Department to the Raytown Fire Protection District. He also sponsored and drafted Raytown’s new rental maintenance ordinance, which he said will keep Raytown safer, cleaner, and heathier.

“Being a real estate appraiser, I deal with property tax appeals on a daily basis in the metro area. I can say that 2019 was a troubled year for the County Assessor, and I look forward to bringing legislation to the state that will guarantee that errors of the past are never re-created” Myers said.

Other campaign initiatives for the current Raytown Alderman include a different approach for violent crime in the metro area. “I think violent crime stems directly from at-home life for our young people. I would like to work with DESE to ensure conflict resolution, gun safety, and mental health is covered in our public school curriculum.”

Finally, Myers said that another hurdle to tackle is criminal justice reform, saying “It’s time that Missouri rethinks its stance on criminal justice. We need to recognize that hurt people hurt people, and the majority of those incarcerated need adequate workforce and life-skill development to help break the cycle of poverty and recidivism in our state. Ryan wants to work to reform Missouri’s criminal code and Department of Corrections so that those who are paying their debt to society are not warehoused, but rather rehabilitated to join our community once again as productive citizens.”

The primary election will be held on August 4th, 2020 and the general election on November 3rd, 2020. More information about Ryan Myers’ campaign can be found either on Facebook (Ryan Myers for Missouri), or his website at myersformissouri.com. A fundraiser will be held March 28th at Crane Brewing for Ryan Myers’ campaign from 5-8 PM.