May 30, 2020

By Fred Liggett

High school coaches work hard to develop a winning game plan for their teams all season long. This summer it’s the athletic directors and other school administrators who will be working hard on a game plan. The plans are for safety of everyone involved at an athletic event from players, coaches, officials to fans.

There is no game plan in place at this time for the 2020 fall sports season but a timetable has been put in place by both local and state officials to ensure a safe plan for everyone when a season does take place.

The Missouri State High School Athletic Association has plans to discuss the fall sports schedule on June 17th at a board of directors meeting. MSHSAA Communications Director Jason West says the organization “has plans to continue forward with the current schedule of Aug. 10 being first day of practice for fall sports and Aug. 28 the first day of competition.

Before any practices or games take place across Missouri, West says on Aug. 3rd an AD statewide meeting is scheduled at the MSHSAA office.

Locally preparations are underway for a normal fall sports schedule in hopes that’s what coaches and players will face starting in August. Lee’s Summit High School Athletic Director Tracy Bertoncin says, “No discussion yet of any changes in the fall sports schedule” between her office and the coaches of any fall sports. Fall scheduling is not a primary concern at the moment among the LSR7 athletic directors as Bertoncin states, “We are currently focusing on opening summer conditioning and skill work outs for each team.” Then adds, “This is a tough time for all of us and we really just want to get our athletes reunited with their coaches and teammates to reach some type of normalcy.”

To anyone driving by Lee’s Summit High School one can see the plans for replacing the track and turf are ongoing. Similar maintenance is occurring at LS West and LS North. Bertoncin feels, “A new turf will be exciting for all of us and will bring a fresh look to our home soccer and football games as well as our band performances.” For now area residents can enjoy watching the stadium improvements continue at each high school. Soon it will be time to determine the game plan for fall sports. Helping local and state athletic officials with developing that plan according to West will be “health experts and what local authorities will allow.”

As the fall sports season gets closer fans can visit and to learn of any changes coming for teams in this area.