June 13, 2020

Not so long ago, ice cream socials would bring everyone out of their homes to celebrate and connect. These days, that’s tough to do. But Belfonte Ice Cream & Dairy Foods Company believes that everyone could use some ice cream right about now.

Belfonte has Kansas City covered with a contest that offers an ice cream prize pack, delivered right to the doorsteps of the winner and their friend. All they have to do is tell the company about their dream ice cream on the entry page at BelfonteDairy.com/Social. By creating their own flavor combination, consumers will be entered to win one of five weekly ice cream prize packs. And if Belfonte picks their newest flavor from one of the entries, the winner receives a grand prize package that includes a Ninja Blender, ice cream toppings, and a year’s worth of free Belfonte Ice Cream.

“Ice cream is a delicious treat providing comfort for many while evoking memories of special times shared with family,” said Joe Calabrese, General Manager of Belfonte Ice Cream & Dairy Foods Company. He added, “We are very grateful for our customers and want to give away these fun ice-cream kits to show our appreciation.”

The contest runs through the end of June and consumers will be able to enter at www.BelfonteDairy.com/Social. Every Monday in June, the company will draw a new ice cream social kit winner, for a total of 5 winners. For more information and contest rules visit www.BelfonteDairy.com/Social.

Since 1969, Belfonte Ice Cream & Dairy Foods Company has been bringing families smiles every day with rich, delicious dairy products made in right here in Kansas City. Quality and taste are what matter most, and Belfonte products are made with only the finest milk from local farms. That’s what helps us give you the unmatched fresh, creamy flavor in each and every Belfonte product – from ice cream to yogurt to dip. From the heart of Kansas City. For more information www.BelfonteDairy.com.