July 18, 2020

Dear Editor,

I note with dismay the news article in the Tribune that two municipal Lee’s Summit officials, Mayor Bill Baird and City Councilmember Andrew Felker, are actively promoting support for the organization “Black Lives Matter.” Of course, black lives matter. All lives matter. The national “Black Lives Matter” organization demands defunding and disbanding municipal Police Departments.

Local “Black Lives Matter” organizations resort to violence to occupy Police Department buildings and destroy surrounding structures with looting and arson. They promise that the violence will continue until their demands are met. They promise to take their violence to the suburbs. Do Mayor Bill Baird and Councilmember Andrew Felker support the violence, looting and arson committed by “Black Lives Matter” organizations?

Do Mayor Bill Baird and Councilmember Felker support defunding and disbanding the Lee’s Summit Police department in compliance with the “Black Lives Matter” national organization?

Roberta Gough
Lee’s Summit