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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Attorneys and members of the public relying on Yahoo as their e-mail provider should be aware it appears Yahoo is flagging as “spam” all messages coming from e-mail addresses. This
includes messages from the Missouri eFiling System as well as from popular
Missouri Courts electronic services such as Track This Case, Pay By Web and
Plead and Pay, in addition to individual e-mails sent by court staff

Testing by the state courts administrator’s information technology staff
verifies the messages are being transmitted properly by the Missouri Courts
systems and that Yahoo is delivering the messages, albeit to spam folders
rather than user’s inboxes. Despite attempts by the state courts
administrator’s information technology staff to get this problem corrected,
Yahoo so far has not resolved the issue. At this point, there appear to be
no issues with message delivery to other popular e-mail providers.

Accordingly, to ensure they do not miss messages from the Missouri Courts,
Yahoo e-mail users are encouraged to check their spam folders and mark such messages as “Not Spam.”