From left to right: 1st place Maxx Freeman (Arrow of Light Den), 2nd place: Tori Gillmore (Arrow of Light Den), 3rd place Zealand Messner (Wolf Den)

February 19, 2022

By Al Maddox

January 30, 2022 was a Sunday afternoon of racing at Cave Spring Park. Sixteen boys and girls with the Cub Scout arm of the 469 Scout Troop competed in the Pinewood Derby Race at the Park.

The Interpretive Center at the Park had the race track set up inside loaded with parents, brothers and sisters for the annual Pinewood race. With sixteen cars racing for two hours the three winners were crowned. Maxx Freeman of the Arrow of Light Den came out on top in first place. Second place went to Tori Gillmore of the Arrow of Light Den. In third place was Zealand Messner of the Wolf Den.

A great event with fast cars and a few wrecks it made for a fun afternoon.