April 30, 2022

Submitted by Sean Smith

Local businessman, entrepreneur and educator Sean Smith has announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for Jackson County Legislator – 6th District to replace Theresa Galvin who opted to withdraw her candidacy for the seat and instead filed to challenge Frank White for the County Executive Role.

Describing why he is running for the county Legislator role, Smith says, “I’m committed to serving the people of Jackson County, not the insiders and special interests. I will shine a spotlight on the County’s finances and help taxpayers avoid the types of overreach the County has experienced over the past several years.”

As a businessman and son of a career firefighter, Smith says he advocates “reducing the tax and regulatory burdens on homeowners & businesses” and says he supports our law-enforcement, firefighters and first-responders along with workforce development and technical training.”

“I am the son of a firefighter and a stay at home mother,” Smith said. “After graduating high school, I supported myself, managing local retail stores to pay my way through college. I’m going to be a voice for those working hard trying to achieve their American Dream. We need policies that put our working families first.”

Smith has been establishing his grassroots support, digital infrastructure and campaign team. “I will use some of the most innovative techniques to efficiently reach and connect with voters and constituents.”

Voters can learn more about Sean Smith’s campaign on his website at https://www.SeanSmith4Missouri.com or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/SeanSmithRep/.