May 7, 2022

By Fred Liggett

NFL draft weekend is meant for teams to welcome new talent to the franchise but the Kansas City Chiefs also use this time to reward one former player by giving him the title of Hall of Famer. The Chiefs announced former fullback Kimble Anders will be the 2022 inductee into the team’s hall of fame. Anders spent his entire 10 year NFL career with the Chiefs from 1991-2000. Anders is the 51st individual to earn this coveted honor.

Anders says of this honor “means a lot to be recognized.” Anders will see his name go on the team’s ring of honor at a game this season. The full NFL schedule will be revealed on Thursday, May 12 which will include the date Anders will be honored at halftime of a Chiefs game. The team will hold their annual Chiefs legends weekend where all the Hall of Famers will return to Kansas City for a number of events.

Having another player from the success the 90s teams enjoyed given this honor Anders feels, “There was a lot of good players come through and won a lot of games.” Anders enjoys looking back knowing he “played for one team and for fans in Kansas City for being so good to us.” Anders stays in touch with many of his teammates as he admits “always there for me, the value of friendship.” A couple of former Chiefs players he keeps up with are Donnell Bennett and Greg Hill both former running backs. In addition to former teammates Anders stays in touch with his position coach, Jimmy Raye who served the team for a number of years.

While Chiefs fans didn’t know the name of the team’s newest hall of famer until draft fest event at Arrowhead, Anders learned of the honor from a phone call that came from team owner Clark Hunt. The call to Anders came while he was driving in his native state of Texas. Anders admits he dropped his phone at first, then picked it up and heard Hunt say he was going into the Hall of Fame.

Making the hall of fame of an NFL team caps a long journey for Anders who as a child growing up in Texas played the running back position thinking he would be the next Eric Dickerson. Anders has returned to his native Texas and most recently served as an Athletic Director and a head football coach at Ball High School in Galveston, Texas.

Anders who wore the #38 while a Chief feels he excelled thanks to the team’s West Coast offense they ran throughout his stint with the team. Anders admits he “had to learn how to block” but adds the offense “was a perfect fit” for him. Perfect enough that Anders will enter the Chiefs Hall of fame during the 2022 season.