May 28, 2022

The Summit Christian Academy (SCA) Student Environment of Arduous Study (STEWARDS) third through sixth grade students recently completed their judicial process unit by leading mock trials at the Historic Cass County Courthouse in Harrisonville.

Students spent six weeks preparing their trial scripts to conduct a case based on a familiar fairy tale with an antagonist as the defendant. Students participated in roles such as prosecution or defense attorneys, bailiffs, court reporters, clerks, witnesses, and jurors. Four mock trials were held at the Cass County Courthouse, including “People vs. Mr. Wolf” from the Three Little Pigs, “People vs. Mr. Jack” from Jack and the Beanstalk, “People vs. Mr. Wolf” from Little Red Riding Hood, and “People vs. Mrs. Cassandra Queen” from Snow White. Students had the opportunity to try their case, serve on a jury, or observe in the courtroom audience.

Judicial Representatives included Private Lawyer and Judge Shawn Blair who acted as judge and lead the courtroom, Private Lawyer Jodi Butler acted as Juror Facilitator as they deliberated verdicts, and Cass County Prosecutor Ben Butler who provided Trial Analysis and discussion with students in the courtroom as the jury deliberated.

“This experience provided students with an opportunity to better understand the judicial process and how it unfolds in a courtroom,” shared SCA STEWARDS teacher Stacy Epema.

STEWARDS is an academic enrichment resource program from Summit Christian Academy for students who demonstrate academic giftedness to the extent that continued educational growth and stimulation can best be served by an environment beyond typical grade-level curriculum.