This week, the League of Women Voters were scheduled to hold a forum for Jackson County Executive candidates. They invited each candidate to participate and asked Jackson County Residents to submit questions for the candidates to answer. On the night of the debate, only Democratic Candidate Stacy Lake showed up. Because there was nobody else there for Stacy to debate, the League of Women Voters were forced to cancel the forum.

“Tonight’s Candidate Forum was canceled. Two candidates were scheduled and one withdrew at the last minute. Forum rules require a minimum of two candidates,” stated a spokeswoman from the League of Women Voters.

Jackson County Democratic Candidate Stacy Lake issued a statement shortly after, saying that “Frank White’s refusal to debate is not only disrespectful to the League of Women Voters, but to women organizations and to Jackson County Residents everywhere. Especially, during this time where support for women is more critical than ever…. In light of the County Executive’s unwillingness to debate on the record, I am calling the Jackson County Executive out for a one-on-one debate to show who is the best candidate to lead Jackson County on the democratic side.”

Stacy Lake is a lawyer, small business owner, and former Chinese translator running for Jackson County Executive on the Democratic side. Her campaign’s information can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter @StacyLakeMO or by visiting her campaign’s website at