July 23, 2022

Too many Republicans in the Missouri Senate refuse to follow their own state party platform, siding instead with the liberal left. Mike Cierpiot is among them and it is time for new representation in the Missouri Senate.

If lowering your tax burden, improving our schools, protecting the rights of parents, strengthening law enforcement and protecting our religious liberty should be priorities, then elect me. Missouri working families will be my priority – not special interests.

So, what has been the priority of some Republican senators like Cierpiot? It does not appear to be protecting the lives of Missouri’s unborn like they claim. RightPath PAC (political action committee) is a group of wealthy Washington University donors who have armed the committee with more than $2 million. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported in February that RightPath was focused on “resolving the dysfunction in the Missouri Senate.” Jorgen Schlemeier, a lobbyist for RightPath and Washington University, said “we want to impact the system” and know candidates that “need some resources.”

It would appear those resources come at the expense of Missouri’s unborn. RightPath and Washington University have interests tied to the abortion industry. On June 27, the Missouri Ethics Commission reported a $25,000 contribution from the RightPath PAC to the Cierpiot campaign’s Jackson County Leadership PAC. Cierpiot claims to be pro-life, but this blood money says otherwise.

The Missouri General Assembly became so concerned about Washington University’s abortion industry activity that legislation was twice introduced that would have imposed a 1.9 percent tax on Washington University’s $8 billion endowment if they continued to supply abortionists to clinics throughout the nation, including those to Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest provider of abortions.

As a member of the Missouri Senate, I will protect the lives of the unborn from the moment of conception. Our Declaration of Independence declares that as Americans we hold the God-given rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. There is no liberty or pursuit of happiness for the unborn if we deny them life.

I am honored that I have been endorsed by Missouri Right to Life. Given his connections, it is easy to understand why Cierpiot is not.

Our nation, state and communities are in peril if elections are decided with blood money. I pledge to eradicate our State Capitol of such abhorrent behavior and restore integrity to our State Capitol. I ask for your vote on Aug. 2.

Pastor Joe Nicola
Candidate for Missouri State Senate’s 8th District