July 23, 2022

Submitted by Tony Miller

Tony Miller has lived in Jackson County for over 35 years, and has been an advocate, problem-solver and proven common-sense leader who has kept the lives and opportunities of all people of Jackson County at the forefront of his work. Tony has done this by being a bridge-builder and a uniter, never letting partisan politics or parochialism get in the way.

There are those who would have voters believe that the County Legislature can deal directly with the big issues facing our country, that while important, are not the purview of the County Legislature. With that said, the County does deal directly with quality-of-life issues that are not glamorous; they don’t grab headlines and don’t vault a person to the next elected office, but they do matter in the day to day lives of Jackson County families.

Miller stated, “It is a great honor to serve the people of Jackson County. I have learned the importance of listening and seeking to understand before being understood. This guiding principle has been the backbone of my aggressive advocacy for the establishment of the Children’s Services Trust Fund, the Our Healthy KC Eastside program, countless budget decisions and in determining criteria for the new Justice Center and relocating services for renovation of the downtown courthouse.”

As a Legislator, Tony has a fought to make the new Justice Center a priority while working behind the scenes to ensure that it is done correctly – from the site selection and insisting that the new building be accessible by public transportation, advocating for generous funding to help relocate residents, to the crucial decisions about the additional mental health services and life-skills training the Justice Center will provide. It should go without saying that people held in pre-trial detention are presumed innocent and Tony has been an aggressive advocate to ensure a safe environment for everyone there.

Tony remains committed to holding the county government accountable and to place the well-being of families foremost.

Miller stated, “Poverty is the biggest challenge facing the Legislature and the communities that it serves. Poverty is the biggest factor that can determine health outcomes, the prevalence of crime, housing insecurity, and many other challenges our community faces.”

Tony is committed to:

• Investing in public health through community health centers, safety net hospitals.
• Public education efforts to connect people with services.
• Allocating funding to feed those who are experiencing food insecurity.
• Funding rental assistance and other ways to combat houselessness.
• Supporting the Prosecutor’s efforts to get COMBAT funding for prevention and treatment into the community; whether it be drug prevention, violence prevention, or substance abuse treatment.
• Focusing on public transportation to get people to their jobs and home in an efficient, cost-effective manner.
• Prioritizing economic development any time the community gets the chance to bring more good-paying jobs to the region.
• Insisting on a top-notch public school learning infrastructure that prepares our children for the jobs available in the future.
• Getting tax assessments right by giving the Assessor the tools and resources necessary to succeed.

Miller added, “It is a challenging, but exciting time in Jackson County and I look forward to continuing to fight for this community I love.”

Tony Miller has served on the Jackson County Legislature since 2015 and is seeking a third term.