Earlier this week, Congressman Cleaver visited Kenagy Park to do a site inspection. The Kenagy Park Pond and the 53rd Street property (formerly known as Super Splash) were two redevelopment projects selected to receive Omnibus funds. Raytown Parks applied in April for $3 million in funds and competed against 71 other projects.

“I want to publicly thank the Congressman for his work and support of the City of Raytown,” said Dave Turner, Director of Raytown Parks & Recreation. “We are grateful to be awarded this funding and will continue to seek and apply for state and federal grants and other funding to maximize our tax dollars and stretch the City’s budget.”

Cleaver selected the Raytown parks projects. Omnibus funds are federal funds that provide significant investments in communities around the country. The funding has passed through the House of Representatives and is currently waiting to be voted on in the Senate.

Future redevelopment plans for the 53rd Street property is to transform it into a destination community park with ADA accessibility.