September 10, 2022

The Lone Jack Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of Lone Jack, Missouri is celebrating its 190th year of ministry. Nestled in the center of town on the north side of 50 Highway, the church was formed September 21, 1832 and constituted in 1840, making it one of the earliest Christian congregations in the Kansas City area.

Records note that Lone Jack settlers were religious people. Pioneers from all denominations met together in homes or in groves as weather permitted. However, as the town’s population increased, people began to assemble as denominations.

In 1863, the Civil War’s Order No. 11 was issued. The issue was devastating for the church as it depopulated the town until only a few residents remained. At the close of the war, people returned to the area to rebuild their homes and farms. By 1867 the town and church had grown.

In 1884, George H. Shawhan donated an acre of ground and rock for the foundation where the church now stands. The building was completed in 1885 for an approximate cost of $2,300. The Christian Church paid half the cost. The remaining amount was divided between the Methodist and Presbyterians, who each used the building one fourth of the time. Because the building was shared by multiple denominations, it was called Union Church. In December of 1885 the dedicatory service was held. The next day, members of the Christian Church held an evangelistic meeting where 40 people were added to the Church’s membership. Over time, the Methodists and Presbyterians built their own churches, and the Union Church became known as the Christian Church.

The original 1884 structure has been preserved and is still in use as the church’s sanctuary. Additions were made to the church in 1926, 1953, and again in 2000. Changes include electrical wiring in 1928 for a cost of $36.00, and the addition of Sunday school rooms, fellowship spaces, and a basement level that now hosts the Project Linus quilting group and the Helping Hands Food Pantry, which is in its 25th year of ministry.

To celebrate the 190th year of ministry, the Lone Jack Christian Church will be having a “Celebration Service” on September 25th at 10:30 am. All are welcome.

200 W. Lone Jack/Lee’s Summit Rd. Lone Jack, MO 64070 816-697-2370 Follow them on Facebook @lonejackchristianchurch.