By Tanya Peterson

Lynxspring, Inc., a premier developer and provider of open, internet-based solutions for intelligent buildings and edge-to-enterprise integration; has become both a local and global leader in the Building Automation Systems (BAS) industry. Empowering people and ideas, the Lynxspring team is devoted to innovative product development.

Joe Cahill and Rick Gibson

With their pulse on the commercial building market, Lynxspring is translating vision into action.

To strategically meet the current trends and technologic demands in the industry, Lynxspring is committed to building a talented product development team. Experiencing significant growth in recent months, Lynxspring has added eleven new employees who have a wealth of expertise in their fields.

Engineering Executive, Joe Cahill, comes to Lynxspring’s Professional Services team with nearly 30 years of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and engineering experience including design, code, quality assurance, commissioning, construction administration and project management. Formerly with the engineering firm, Larsen Binkley, Cahill was personally licensed as a Professional Engineer in 16 states, led the Employee Stock Ownership Plan.

Taking pride in client satisfaction and training, Cahill recalls the tremendous success in establishing, cultivating and maintaining strong client relationships—some loyal national accounts remaining over sixteen years. He is now excited to join the team and eager to make a difference through his outstanding management and open communication skills, and years of HVAC and lighting equipment experience to Lynxspring.

Product Executive, Rick Gibson, comes to Lynxspring’s Product Development team with 25 years of product management and development experience with both start-up and Fortune 500 companies where he led the release of products and services both on a national and international scale. At Sprint PCS, Cox Cable and Lucent, Gibson lead the efforts in designing network infrastructure, consumer product offerings and support operations for mobile voice, data, mobile, broadband, smart devices, and digital content services.

Drawn to Lynxspring Gibson shares, “Lynxspring is a company with great leadership, insight, vision and talented individuals with big ambitions and they are now positioned for extreme growth. This is the formula for success.”

Additional employees added to the Lynxspring roster include: Kyle Brown (Business Development Specialist), Jim Cordill (Software Developer), Stephen Lange (Staff Accountant), Tanya Peterson (Product Marketing Specialist), Travis Reno (Product Development Manager), Michael Snow (Software Developer), Rhonda Statham (Business Development Specialist), Amanda Toomey (Developer, Innovation & Engagement Center), and Bryan Wilcutt (Product Development Manager).

“At Lynxspring, we are making a positive impact in both the local the global markets by driving design and development and launching innovative solutions that not only manage the operation of facilities and their equipment, but promote peak performance levels as well,” shares Terry Swope, President and CEO of Lynxspring.