By Susan Coffman

In this past two years, leaders of the community began to hand over their leadership roles. Geneva High, former Director of Lee’s Summit Social Services, Roby Little, former Director of Lee’s Summit CARES, and most recently Nancy Bruns, former President of the Lee’s Summit Chamber. Each of these women have made a positive impact on this community. Each have led their respective organizations to new heights. Each have laid the groundwork for the new leaders to be successful.

Geneva has worked with her staff to help families all over this community by meeting their basic needs and by connecting them to resources to help them be successful.

Roby along with staff led Lee’s Summit CARES to new heights. The most recognized programs are the Mayors Character Breakfast and the Community of Character, Love and Logic and anti-bullying.

Nancy, supported by staff, achieved 5 star accreditation for the Chamber of Commerce and increased membership to almost 1000 members. Under her leadership the Chamber businesses became a family – each supporting the other to achieve success.

Each of these women have passed on a legacy that the new leaders will be challenged to improve upon. But the new leaders are quite capable of carrying on the torch – envisioning and implementing new successes.

All three of these leaders led their organizations ethically and with positivity. All three of these organizations help to form the character of this community. All three organizations challenge this community to care, to achieve new heights and to inspire people and organizations to work together.

So the baton is passed. The new director of Lee’s Summit Social Services is now Matt Sanning, the new director of Lee’s Summit CARES is Rachel Segobia and the new president of the chamber is Tim Arbeiter.

Already Matt and Rachel have shown their talents leading their respective organizations and the community waits with expectation to experience Tim’s leadership.

Our community owes a huge thank you to Geneva, Roby and Nancy for their contributions to this community. Great work! You made a difference! You will not be forgotten! You are a part of Lee’s Summit History and your impact has been powerful and above reproach. Thank you for your time, your vision and your inspiration.

Susan Coffman is the Outreach Program Coordinator and Finance Officer for Lee’s Summit CARES. She has received the LS CARES Volunteer of the Year award for 2005, 2006, and 2007; was named the City of Lee’s Summit Citizen of the Year for 2012-2013; and received the Truly 150 Community Hero Award.