March 16, 2024

As a community leader deeply connected to this community, I find great significance in the upcoming LSR-7 Board of Education election. Our schools are not just centers of education but integral parts of our community’s fabric, shaping the values and future of our children. In the pursuit of fostering an environment that aligns with our shared beliefs, I wholeheartedly endorse Rodrick Sparks and Juanice Williams for the LSR-7 Board of Education.

Rodrick Sparks: Guided by a Vision of Progress and Community Engagement
Rodrick Sparks, the current President of the LSR-7 Board of Education, embodies compassion and service in his leadership over the past three years. I see the significance of Sparks’ commitment to continued progress and positive transformation within the LSR-7 School District.

Under Sparks’ guidance, LSR-7 School District has witnessed substantial growth and improvement, reflecting a commitment to holistic education. The completion of over $200 million in bond projects, renovations to Mason Elementary, Lee’s Summit High School, and the construction of East Trails Middle School, speaks to his dedication to providing optimal learning environments for our students.

Sparks’ commitment to security enhancements, comprehensive improvements to all buildings, and upgrades to high school athletic facilities align with the values of care and protection that are deeply rooted in community well-being. The emphasis on early childhood education as a key driver for long-term success resonates with the belief that nurturing young minds lays the foundation for a brighter future.

Moreover, Sparks’ efforts to shift towards real-world learning opportunities and expand career options for families reflect a vision of education that aligns with the broader goals of personal growth and community contribution. His commitment to recognizing and valuing the contributions of educators is a testament to the principle of honoring the laborer, a value echoed in many community traditions.

Sparks’ leadership is characterized by community engagement, emphasizing the importance of building trust and collaboration. His advocacy for the well-being of the community is reflected not just in words but in action, from spearheading initiatives to regular school visits. Recognizing and rewarding excellence at all levels, including the implementation of the Classified Staff Member of the Year Award, echoes the spirit of love and fairness inherent in community perspectives.

As Sparks expresses his commitment about the opportunities ahead, I believe that with our support, we can continue to build a district that empowers every student to reach their full potential, grounded in the principles of compassion, love, and community well-being.

Juanice Williams: A Dedicated Advocate for Families and Quality Education
Adding to the strength of Sparks’ candidacy is Juanice Williams, a dedicated advocate for quality education and the well-being of families. Williams, an Associate Instructor of Social Work at the University of Central Missouri, has dedicated her career to making a positive impact on the lives of individuals and communities.

Williams’s commitment to mental health awareness and support aligns with perspectives that recognize the importance of caring for the whole person—mind, body, and spirit. Her role as a certified Mental Health First Aid trainer reflects a dedication to fostering a supportive and compassionate community for students.

As a resident of Lee’s Summit for the past two decades, Williams’s deep connection to the community is reflected in her active participation in various roles to support local LSR-7 School District schools and families. Her advocacy for education is not just a professional endeavor but a personal commitment, with her own children attending LSR-7 School District schools.

Williams’s involvement in the Lee’s Summit West Booster Club, service as a PTA President, and contributions to various committees demonstrate her commitment to creating a community that supports and uplifts every member. Her multifaceted roles in education, social work, and community service exemplify a tireless advocate for the well-being of individuals and families.

A Dynamic Duo Guided by Community Values
Together, Rodrick Sparks and Juanice Williams form a dynamic duo ready to lead LSR-7 School District into a future of continued progress, positive transformation, and a commitment to the well-being of every student and family. Their leadership aligns seamlessly with the values of compassion, love, and community service deeply rooted in community traditions.

As we approach the upcoming election, I urge the community to unite in support of Sparks and Williams. By casting our votes for these dedicated individuals, we are not just investing in the future of LSR-7 School District; we are affirming our commitment to a community guided by the principles of compassion, love, and service.

In supporting Sparks and Williams, we have the opportunity to empower our schools, uplift our students, and build a community where education thrives—a community that reflects the shared values and principles that inspire us in our community journeys.

Pastor Darron LaMonte Edwards
United Believers Community Church