Linda Ahern
Lee’s Summit Tribune

If you cannot be civil on our page. Your post will be deleted. If you continue, you will not be allowed to post on our Facebook page. Personal insults, profanity and hateful nonsense will NOT be tolerated.

Please note: As journalists, we are strident advocates for the First Amendment. It is our passion and our calling to bring to you, our readers, the unvarnished truth about the government, public policy, and any other matter of public interest. We pride ourselves on giving you both sides of the story. As a rule, The Lee’s Summit Tribune does not endorse candidates or ballot issues.

That said, we reserve the right to edit our own social media pages for appropriate content. This is not in violation of constitutional rights. Too often, what is forgotten about the First Amendment is the fact that it protects citizens from action by the government, not private companies. In other words, you cannot be arrested for expressing dislike of a political leader, but you can be banned from a company’s Facebook page for indecent speech or bullying.

Posts are to create a meaningful discussion and dialog so that we can all work through the excess of information that surrounds us in today’s world. For the most part, it is a place for opinions supported by facts. Feelings are important too, but a standard of reasonableness must prevail.

Some examples…

The following are not allowed:
“He’s a crook! I just know it!”

“I heard that they abuse their kids…”

Reprinting offensive social media is not allowed.

Blogs and paid newsletters and other “newspapers” are not “news outlets.”.

The following would be allowed:
“I saw the accident and it looked like the red car was going too fast.”

“I feel that putting up that kind of sign is bad for the neighborhood.”

Posting legitimate, publicly accessed documentation and mainstream news outlets is allowed.

If time permits and we can easily reach you via messenger, email, or phone, and your post is “borderline”, we will try to let you know and give you the opportunity to correct your post.

Please remember that as responsible adults, we set the example for children. Children have unfettered access to these postings. We do not condone bullying of children or adults.

“Children will follow your example and not your advice.” – Unknown #Quote